7 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Flat feet are a common phenomenon that is suffered by approximately ¼ of the world’s population. What are flat feet you ask? People with flat feet or fallen arches do not have an arch or a gap beneath their inner part of the foot. This condition can be hereditary or can be developed with time. Having a flat foot poses a plethora of difficulties and deters people from going forward with their dreams. Mostly, sports career-related dreams. Over time, people with flat feet develop lots of problems like they experience pain if they stand for a prolonged period or do extensive running or walking. 

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The regular shoes do not provide them with any relief as it is essentially designed for normal feet; even the shoes which are specially made for basketball or football players do not make an exception. But in recent times, shoe companies are extending their horizons and have started manufacturing sports shoes which will benefit people with a flat foot, keeping in mind the requirements of the various sports sectors, especially basketball. It is one of the most widely practised sports of all time and thus requires a special focus. 

People with flat feet might find regular basketball shoes uncomfortable as it restricts their movement and does not provide the players with any relief. With time, the person develops more painful symptoms and later is required to leave their passion while thinking about their health. These new basketball shoes act as a respite as the flat footers no longer have to let go of their passion. This article discusses the options available to basketball players who have a flat foot and which shoe they should buy that would perfectly suit their condition. 

Why Opt For Special Basketball Flat Feet Shoes?

Regular shoes are incapable of providing support to the arch which results in discomfiture, not being able to maintain proper movements and posture. Basketball players with flat feet suffer through many problems such as extensive running may lead to tearing of ligaments and swelling of the foot. 

For this purpose, shoe companies have crafted special shoes that will give support to the arch and spread the body pressure uniformly instead of some specific points. These shoes also ensure smoother and freer movement. Young enthusiasts and players no longer have to let go of their passion. 

Best Flat Feet Basketball Shoes Reviews

1. Adidas Dame Men‘s Dame 5

Made by one of the most renowned manufacturers of the time, this special Basketball shoe is made for people with flat feet. To suit the player’s requirements. It was first released in the year 2019 and has the dimensions- 14 X 8 X 6 inches and weighs 15.2 ounces and is a bit longer in the terms of its length. The extra webbed padding that is present in the inner layers of the shoes provides extra comfort to the feet, especially for fallen arches who need extra support. 

The rest of the shoe is made of synthetic fibre which dries the shoe fast if it is wet. It is said to be having good traction on the hardwood floor as it is appropriate for basketball players with flatfoot. Moreover, the foot-box of the shoe is wide, hence comfortable for people with flat feet or broad feet. 

The sole of this sports shoe is made of pure rubber which provides players with incredible support for flat feet players. One of the perks of Adidas, it is available in different colours and varieties such as clear mint, core black, collegiate purple, etc. which leaves the buyer with many options.

2. Nike Men’s Air Force 1

It was 1st released in the year 2016 by Nike, a brand that is known for its sports shoes. This shoe is considered to be one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet. The dimensions of the shoes are noted to be 16 X 7 X 5 inches and it weighs around 5 pounds. It too has a rubber sole but the entire shoe has a leather finish. The padding around the ankle of the shoes proved to be comfortable because of the cushioning present there. In terms of colour and variety, the purchasers are not allotted with too many choices. 

The sole of these basketball shoes for flat feet is said to be well built, hence would not easily wear off. Most importantly, it comes with an adjustable strap. Thus, the person who is wearing it can adjust the fit according to their comfort level. The only major drawback of the shoe is, the ventilation holes that are present on the shoes do not provide too much air to the feet.

3. Adidas Men's D.o.n. Issue #1 Basketball Shoe

Like most Adidas shoes, these basketball shoes for flat feet are made of synthetic fibre. It was 1st released in the year 2019 and has the following dimensions- 14.35 x 9.5 x 5.45 inches. It weighs around 1.05 pounds. These basketball shoes are influenced by Donovan Mitchell’s determination and success and are specially designed for fallen arches. 

It is designed to be a lightweight shoe that just doesn’t feel heavy on the feet and so far they have crafted it right. There is a layer of cushioning present in the inside of the shoes which provides extra bounce and makes it comfortable to wear all day long. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber and has a Multidirectional herringbone-pattern which provides exceptional grip to the players. Adidas added an extra feature to it called a propulsion clip which helps the player with lateral support. 

4. Nike Men's Basketball Shoes

The dimensions of the shoes are 14 x 10 x 6 inches and weigh around 2.03 pounds. It was 1st released in the year 2018 and comes in a variety of colours. The special feature of these basketball shoes for fallen arches is that it has a fly-weave upper construction which provides a lot of support and space for air circulation. The inside sole of the shoe does not only have the cloth material but also consists of a rubber layer with ribbing which helps in traction. 

These basketball shoes which are good for flat feet are extremely lightweight which gives the players extra comfort. Though the shoe is considered to be on the narrow side of the basketball shoe spectrum which might make it uncomfortable for few individuals. Moreover, the topmost part of the shoes is not all fabric. It has a plastic or rubber sort of material weaved with synthetic fibre which makes the shoes quite stiff.

5. Under Armour Men's Team Drive 4

This shoe which is specially built for basketball players was 1st released in 2017 and consists of the following dimensions- 10.39 x 8.58 x 4.09 inches and it weighs around 14 ounces. The ankle portion has a collar structure that provides better support and a comfortable fit. The entire shoe is made up of synthetic fibre that allows a lot of air movement. 

These basketball shoes which are apt for flat feet have wrapped around the toe region which adds the flexibility of movement. And, the exposed Micro Gheel unit adds firm cushioning which works best for flat feet. The only major problem with the shoe is people experienced sweaty feet after one hour of wearing it, even if it was wet on the outside so people faced problems with their balance.

6. Nike Men's The Air Overplay IX

Considered to be one of the chicest looking shoes it comes in a variety of colours and patterns such as ark black or wolf grey in a blend with red, white, navy, pink, or citrus. This shoe comes with a comfortable cushioning due to its encapsulated heel, thus people with flat feet won’t face any discomfort even after an impact. Manufactured from the year 2016 the dimensions of the shoes are- 12.99 x 8.66 x 3.94 inches. 

It is made up of lightweight material and thus makes the shoe a lot breathable and ideal for flat feet. Its tech construction helps to dispense heat. It has good water resistance capacity so a bit of rain would not wet the socks. The herringbone pattern present at the sole provides excellent grip, even on dusty floors. Nike added a unique feature to this shoe in the midfoot area, there is a cored-out shape which distributes the weight of the body evenly and does not put pressure in a definite area.

7. NIKE Men's Zoom Evidence

While crafting this shoe, Nike let go of bulk and weight which were previously present in their other sports shoes and aimed for lightweight technology. It is available in different colours such as Black/Metallic Silver/Polarized Blue, Team Red/Black/White/Bright Crimson, and minimalistic White/Black/White. The dimensions of the shoe are 12.99 x 8.31 x 4.41 inches and it weighs around 12 ounces. 

It consists of a phylon midsole that provides great balance and stability and in addition to that, the shoe has a high top collar around the ankle which provides structural balance. These shoes come with a zoom air unit which helps to make quick movements and absorb most of the impact caused due to landing. The upper part of the shoe is made up of lightweight material that has good air ventilation.

Best Flat Feet Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

Features that one should be conscious of while buying a pair of basketball shoes for flat feet:

The shoe of your choice must provide a proper arch shaper so that the body weight is equally distributed. The cushioning will also help the fallen archers to stand or do physical activities for a long period without experiencing any form of pain.

It is best to select a shoe that is lightweight so that it doesn’t put too much load on the feet. Even if the range of it is more, it will be a fruitful investment.

If you have flat feet and a basketball player this is one of the prime things to keep in mind. Stability and grip become important while playing the game because one slip of movement might cost you a match. While choosing the best basketball shoe, this should be paid heed to. If these criteria are not fulfilled, it is advised to choose something else.

This is not a mandatory requirement for basketball players with flat feet. But if possible one may go for something trendy and user friendly so that it goes with your everyday wear. 


Not all basketball shoes are extra wide. The list that has been presented in the article has a variety of items to choose from, some of them are narrow like NIKE Men’s Zoom Evidence Basketball shoes; while Adidas Dame Men‘s Dame 5 is a bit wider. Depending on the preference one should make the choice. 

Yes, one can wear it outdoors but it will wear the rubber sole of the shoe faster. The basketball court or any court for that matter has a smooth surface. Outdoors have a rough terrain; in general, hence the soles will wear off quite easily if extensively used for outdoor purposes. 

Most of them do not come with removable soles. The soles that are attached to the shoes are considered to be of the best quality. They provide extra comfort to the players, especially the ones with flat feet. 

Most of them are not essentially water resistance. The only one from the above list which guarantees to guard for feet from water is Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe and the shoe which claims to be easily dried is Adidas Dame Men‘s Dame 5. 

Final Verdict

There exist no perfect shoes for anyone as the requirements of each individual is different. All the shoes that have been listed above come with certain advantages and disadvantages, one must choose according to one’s convenience. But the shoes that are reviewed in this article serve the basic purpose of providing comfort to the basketball players with flat feet as all of them are adapted to absorb shock or sudden movements while making a move or landing. 

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