7 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2020

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Basketball is a very dynamic game that has players running helter-skelter across the court, passing the ball and aiming for the hoop.  Hence, good shoes are very crucial in determining one’s gameplay and ensure the player has a safe and fun experience while playing. Often, devastating basketball injuries are caused due to improper shoes. Shoes that are flimsy and don’t have sufficient padding lead to many devastating injuries and fractures in players. Further, since basketball predominantly involves tall players, most tall players have wide feet. Hence, such players find it pretty difficult to buy shoes that fit their feet. This hampers their game and is in fact, pretty dangerous since it paves way for serious injuries. 

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However, people with wide feet need not worry anymore. Many top basketball shoe manufacturing brands have finally paid heed to their plight and have released a wide range of shoes, catering exclusively for people who have wide feet! Such shoes have taut fit- lacing and provide traction and support, greatly enhancing the player’s performance and safety. Unsure about choosing the best basketball shoes for wide feet? Read on, to find out!

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

1. Adidas D Lillard Dame 3 Men’s Basketball Sneakers

Endorsed by the legendary Damian Lillard, it is a premium shoe that cannot actually be classified into the ‘budget’ category. It promises great design and builds quality. Its traction is uncommon, with a multi-directional bladed pattern. The shell of the shoe is made up of mesh. Hence it is sturdy, yet pretty flexible. This enhances ease of movement for every payer, thereby greatly increasing their performance. 

The lining is made of soft fabric and the shoe is very comfortable and breathable. It fits snugly and is not too tight hence it does not cause discomfort and helps in the circulation of air around our feet encased in shoes. The overlay is ‘mid-foot’ hence it provides great lateral support, coupled with multiple lacing options. The cushioning system is soft on one’s feet, yet pretty durable.


2. Adidas Men’s OwnTheGame Wide Basketball Shoe

Though this is not a signature model, it is part of the Adidas flagship, which comprises shoes customized for people having wide feet. The shoe has a soft insole and outsole, which reduces the stress on one’s feet and the impact, while one is running. It is designed in such a way that it can bear heavier loads while simultaneously accommodating wide feet. It is very light but is reasonably sturdy. 

It has a mid-top design and synthetic mesh to offer more support while bearing heavier loads. It has a conventional lace design so one need not find it difficult to adapt to new methods of tying one’s shoelaces. It has a pull tab, which offers support while wearing the shoes. The mesh is woven with imitation leather, which gives a snappy lockdown with increased lateral support. It is very budget-friendly and easy to wear making it one of the best basketball shoes.


3. Nike Men's Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes

The Nike Lebron 17 has the largest heel air unit hence if one has very wide feet, one can definitely go for this product! It is specially designed for people with wide feet and the air unit ensures proper circulation and great breathability. The heel has a clip that keeps one’s rear foot secure and stable by giving balance. It has a wide collar with a conventional flip, which helps one slip their wide feet in and out the shoes with amazing ease.

The sole has a rigid diamond pattern, which is more suitable for outdoor playing. If one is playing in indoor hardwood courts, one must wipe the sole at least 5 times, before wearing it. The ankle support is pretty strong, especially when one considers the weight of the shoe. The shoe weighs less but offers great support, making it one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.


4. Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

This is specially designed for people whose feet are wider than average. They are very comfortable and breathable. The material and the width make the shoes pretty easy for someone to slip their feet into and play for a long time. They offer good cushioning and traction. This way, we can play for longer durations without their shoes causing them any discomfort and the traction ensures great lateral support. 

Movement is made flexible and one can play safely, without their shoes hindering their gameplay. It has a mesh ankle collar, which enhances ventilation and the shoes are very budget-friendly. However, if one uses the shoes for a long time every day, they are prone to wear and tear. The outsole and the shell could have been made stronger and this way, the shoe could have been made more durable. 


5. Adidas Rose 773 Iv Basketball Men's Shoes

Named after Derrick Rose, the Adidas Rose 773 lV shoes are some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet that are available in the market. It is multifunctional and weighs very less. It has good traction and high aesthetic appeal in a quirky way! The traction consists of patterns shaped like herringbones that are arranged in segmented clusters. Each piece of the herringbone pattern offers great support on hardwood, thereby making it a perfect choice for playing it in indoor basketball courts. 

The cushion feels soft on one’s feet but is very sturdy as it absorbs all the impact generated by running and jumping, thereby greatly reducing the stress on our feet and legs. It has an inbuilt TPU for improved stability. The mesh is made of imitation leather, which makes the shell and the shoes flexible yet durable, making it one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. 


6. Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 6

Launched a few years back, this model still remains a popular choice for the wide- footed basketball- playing clientele. The heel support is amazing, which increases the durability of the shoes and improves the safety and the performance of each player during an intense game. Other models have synthetic leather as the material used to manufacture mesh, but these models have primeknit mesh. This way, the mesh fits more snugly on one’s feet than synthetic leather. However, the highlight of this model is its cushioning system. 

This comes with splendid cushioning which greatly reduces the stress and impacts each manoeuvre- be it running, jumping, skidding or passing has on our feet. This reduces risks of injury and adds a ‘spring’ to one’s movements. Still, because of its impeccable cushioning, which greatly reduces the impact each move of ours has on our feet, one does not get the ‘court feel’ at all. In other words, one feels so light and that one is merely floating on the court, instead of playing on solid ground. 


7. Under Armour Men's Drive 4 Premium Basketball Shoe

One of the brands that are slowly gaining momentum, Under Armour, with its Under Armour Men’s Drive 4 shoes, has entered into the niche of premium, customized footwear. It has unparalleled traction, which adds a lot of depth to one’s tread. When the traction is good, it ensures the player can move freely without the risk of skidding and slipping, which may lead to devastating injuries. The grip that one’s feet have while moving on the court, increases tremendously. 

Further, it is a great choice for people with flat feet as well! It gives solid arch support so one’s feet does not get strained and one’s risks of injury get reduced while moving around during the game. The heel unit is exposed, strengthening the cushioning system and it has a die-cut midsole, which greatly enhances lateral support and adds to the strength of the system that absorbs impact. hence it is one of the best basketball shoes wide feet can be encased into!


The Best Basketball Shoes fro Wide Feet Buying Guide

One must check for the shoe’s thickness. The shoes must be appropriately thick so as to increase support while not hampering one’s lateral movements, by being too unwieldy. The traction design must also be taken into account since it has a high impact on the mobility, performance and flexibility of moving around the court. Further, a good traction pattern reduces the risks of skidding and twisting/ fracture of one’s knees and ankles. The grip must also be durable so that one does not slip and injure himself while moving around the court. 

Style is one of the less important factors when it comes to buying shoes for wide feet. Since there has only been a recent upsurge in manufacturing shoes for people with wide feet, there may not be a lot of options, when it comes to colour, style and aesthetic appeal. However, one can choose shoes that look good and feel good, instead of buying shoes based on its looks alone. One must also ascertain their requirements depending upon the type of player one is and the extent of usage one has, before investing in any shoe. 

This is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing shoes for wide feet. The material chosen must be easy on one’s feet and must feel breathable. It must allow air circulating and must also be flexible, without succumbing prematurely to wear and tear. The material must be durable and should resist impact. It should be flexible, to provide a comfortable, secure fit to one’s feet. It should also be sufficiently light so that players can wear shoes made out of that material and move around comfortably- be it running, jumping or passing and must not be a hindrance to one’s game. 

Basketball is a heavy impact game (ie) one would feel a lot of impact because of intensive, rigorous movement during the game. Hence, the shoes must have proper cushioning, that absorbs the impact of one’s feet colliding with and moving on the ground. This way, the player does not feel any discomfort during and after the game and devastating injuries are prevented. Further, the cushioning system must also be equipped with arch support and bounce that resists impact. 


One must wipe the shoes with a clean, moist piece of cloth or tissue. Then the shoes must be cleaned using a soft-bristled shoe- brush or even a toothbrush, to remove the dirt sticking on to it. The shoe must be dipped into warm water, which has detergent mixed with it and must be rinsed thoroughly. The insoles must also be rinsed. Rinse and remove excess soap and dry them by exposing them to air at room temperature. Don’t dry the shoes by forced application of heat (using a hairdryer, for example)

When one does warm-up sessions, one can wear heavy shoes as they force one’s muscles and cardiovascular system to work harder. One can also use them while practising vertical leaps. However, while playing, one must always wear lightweight shoes. This boosts their performance and traction, helping them move around faster and do higher vertical.

‘Breaking in’ is basketball lingo for getting our shoes accustomed to our feet. If shoes are not ‘broken in’, they will continue to be too stiff and tight, for comfort. The player cannot wear such shoes and even if he does, his feet would pain and he also would easily get injured. Hence one must purchase shoes well in advance and make them less stiff and more comfortable on one’s feet by wearing them for everyday activities like running and walking, before actually hitting the court. 

When the player’s shoes have adequate grip, it enables him to move around on the court for running, passing and shooting, without skidding and falling. This way, a good grip reduces one’s risks of on-court injury. One must maintain the grip of their shoes by proper maintenance. One must not use their basketball shoes for regular use. Further, one must also clean the grip and must have separate shoes for indoor and outdoor basketball games. After prolonged use, one must also change the grip and if possible, try to invest in shoes that have durable grip. 

Shoes must be sufficiently tight to give the player the feeling of playing on the court and to not fall off one’s feet while passing, dribbling and shooting. However, there must be sufficient gap for air circulation in one’s shoes. If not, one would experience pain and discomfort during and after the game. The player would also run a high risk of contracting fungal infections like athlete’s foot if his shoes are too tight. When it comes to basketball shoes wide feet may undergo a lot of strain. Hence it is imperative to choose shoes that are not too tight and are not too loose either. 

Final Verdict

All the shoes listed here have their own merits and demerits. Hence the buyer must evaluate his requirements, assess whether the features in each shoe are worth investing on, before taking a decision. However, based on an objective analysis, we have concluded that the Adidas Rose 773 Iv Basketball Men’s Shoes are the best basketball shoes for people with wide feet. The product has great brand reliability, has high durability and amazing traction and cushioning systems. It is very comfortable and has high breathability. Since it is not too light, the build is very sturdy and can stand intense prolonged usage. Further, it also has great aesthetic appeal. 

The shoes are not strictly reserved for sports. They can also be worn for casual occasions like hanging out with one’s friends or even parties if one wants to be quirky. For all the features that it offers, it costs significantly less. Hence it has great value for money and is the best choice for people who want shoes that would fit their wide feet.  

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