7 Best Basketball Shoes To Buy In 2021

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While it is not mandatory to wear basketball shoes while playing basketball, it is highly recommended to minimize the strain in your ankles. As most basketball shoes are high-ankle, they ensure the proper support and grip to your feet to play enthusiastically. As you play, you require continuously changing the directions; evenly supporting landings are provided for additional support.

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The best part is, you can also wear these shoes casually. With so many trendy basketball shoes available in the market, they are very popular as street-wear styles. 

How are basketball shoes different?

Basketball shoes come with better insoles and more padding to reduce the stress on your feet while playing. Most of the basketball shoes are flat and heavy. A High-ankle collar is usually provided to protect your ankle from game stress. A regular pair of running shoes is very light in weight. To encourage the forward motion while running, there is a slight elevation under the heel.

With top brands like Nike, Adidas and many more providing the exceptional range of basketball shoes, choosing the right pair for you is not easy. If you are looking for a reliable pair of basketball shoes without pinching your pockets, here we go:

The Best Basketball Shoes Reviews

1. Nike Kobe 1 Proto Mens Hi Top Basketball Trainers

It is the first-ever ‘Retro’ release by Kobe Bryant’s first signature shoes with Nike. You will get the sturdy feel of an old basketball sneaker with excellent support. These basketball shoes are well-cushioned and are promising performers.  

These throwback sneakers offer balanced traction and containment to your feet. The shoes were named Proto as Performance + Retro, which are the same as original by looks but come with better performance in terms of construction and cushioning. Overall, Nike Kobe 1 Proto can justify its hype with its ultimate performance and aesthetic looks.

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2. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2

The thickness of the shoe pattern required break-in-time. HOVR technology offers a beautiful blend of bounce, responsiveness, impact protection and court feel. The full-length HOVR form is impressive for most of the players. UA HOVR Havoc 2’s material has to clear the rigorous testing. With its reliable traction, the material of the shoes is form-fitting and super soft. 

These shoes are nearly a perfect fit with a durable outsole. These mid-top shoes make you feel light and minimal. Enjoy ‘Zero Gravity Feel’ with its ultra UA HOVR technology. 

Key Features:


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3. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 13 SFG

Considered as the major upgrade from its previous model – LeBron Soldier 12, these high-end shoes provide ultimate cushioning, containment, support, durability and support to its wearer. These shoes are fun to be with when playing at the court. The extra grip ensures by its outsole to make it compatible with any court conditions.

Quite easy to take on and off, these shoes offer snug one-to-one fit. Overall, a good pair of basketball shoes inside-out.  

Key Features:


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4. Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 4

Stability and Lockdown are the two major highlights of this pair of immaculate basketball shoes that will set you rocking. If you are looking for something lightweight, supportive and highly responsive, this pair of shoes is for you.

Harden Vol 4 is a midfoot brand with added stability and upgraded traction pattern. For the sustainable lockdown feel, there is a textile upper with a middle foot band. Overall, this pair of shoes doesn’t take much time to break-in.

Key Features:


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5. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Titled as best Damian Lillard basketball shoes, these are full-length Bounce cushion shoes that are highly responsive. The exceptional traction claims to work well with bright, as well as dusty courts. Suede and Mesh is used to make the upper. 

With its wide colour range, the wearer always has a choice to pick the one suiting their style. Overall, you can expect incredible support, excellent stability, exceptional performance and impressive cushioning.

Key Features:


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6. Adidas D Lillard 2

A worthy upgrade over Lillard 1, this pair of shoes is the official shoe of the City of Oakland. With its full-length bouncing technology, this pair of shoes assure enhanced comfort, impact protection and energy return. Torsion and Sprintframe are used in forefoot and midfoot for additional support.

As the pair runs a bit wide, people with wide feet an easily go for regular size. The Primekit upper material is breathable, soft, light and flexible. The mid-cut design allows the ankle to move freely.

Key Features:


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7. Adidas Crazy Explosive

It is a versatile pair of shoes suitable for a big man with efficient support and excellent impact protection. Come with full-length Boost; the responsive cushioning keeps you moving. To ensure breathable comfort, the internal heel counter is provided.

Lightweight support is available with its FUSEDMESH design. Release your explosive abilities with this outstanding pair of basketball shoes from Adidas.

Key Features:


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The Best Basketball Shoes Buyer’s Guide 

There are certain important factors which one must consider before purchasing the ideal basketball shoes as follows:

Comfort is the priority for any type of shoes you buy. Especially when you are in a game, shoes play an essential role as a tool to allow you to focus on your jumper. Uncomfortable shoes could be the biggest reason for losing the focus of the game.

The performance of a player in the game like basketball largely depends on the court’s grip—the level of explosiveness primarily based on the traction. You can accelerate your highest speed and quickness in cut with the high traction.

You spend a considerable amount on buying a pair of basketball shoes, and it makes no sense if they last for a few games. There are many fancy-looking shoes in the market that are of poor quality that do not last for several games.

When a shoe can cling your foot, it is known as lock-down. Under this condition, your feet should get support and comfort together. The absence of proper lock-down of your shoes to your feet can negatively impact your performance.

There are three options as low-tops, high-tops and mid-tops available for basketball shoes. Low-top is the best choice for guards to optimize agility. Mid-tops are for the exceptional players who are not sure of their position on the court. It is the widely accepted style by basketball players. High-top shoes are designed to provide extra support to the ankle but also reduce mobility. Center and forwards prefer high-top shoes.

The material used to make basketball shoes mostly impacts its durability. Over the leather shoes, synthetic options are highly popular for their proper support.

Typically made from synthetic leather or rubber, a suitable outsole improves the traction and helps the players change the direction quickly. Few shoes provide innovative curved outsoles to optimize the roll-through ability.

One of the most important considerations while shortlisting the right shoes for you. A pair of footwear priced reasonably while meeting all your requirements is the best deal to grab.  

A pair of shoes without cushion is a complete disaster for a basketball player who is supposed to run 1-2 miles during the game. Look for foam-cushioning or air-based cushioning to keep your feet energized through-out the game. 

Best Basketball Shoes FAQ’s

If you want to buy shoes specifically for running, it is recommended to go for runner shoes instead of basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are flat while the running shoes are elevated at heels to support the forward movement. However, you can run track in basketball shoes as well. 

Yes, basketball shoes are extremely popular as street style shoes. People love to showcase their style with the vibrant colour range available in basketball shoes. Even if you don’t play basketball, it is perfectly OK to wear basketball shoes.

Basketball shoes are excellent for everyday use. But you should keep them fresh to avoid stinking. As most of the shoes come with high-top, air them regularly to prevent the bad odour.

Yes! It is a trend to wear basketball shoes with a pair of jeans. Select a dark pair of jeans to let the colour of your shoes pop out. Tuck in your jeans within your basketball shoes to get a tailored effect. However, avoid wearing your basketball shoes for formal occasions.

To provide better cushioning to bones at ankles and reduce the chances of injury, basketball shoes are designed to be heavy. It keeps the feet movements firm and provides extra support by cushioning.

Final Verdict

With the abundance of basketball shoes available in the market, choosing the right footwear is always not as easy as it seems. However, if you want to make it big to your game, the right pair of basketball shoes is imperative. Comfort and the right fit are the topmost priority, which needs to be taken care of well in case of any type of shoes you buy, and basketball shoes are no exception to this. 

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