8 Best Outdoor Basketballs [2022 Reviews & Buying Guide]

What are the Best Outdoor Basketballs?

We all love sports. But a particular sport which enjoys enormous popularity, especially in foreign nations, is Basketball. People love to go out for an exuberating game of basketball every day and to have a memorable experience it is essential to have the right equipment.

Apart from having a nice basketball court and a sturdy basket, it is of paramount importance to have the right basketball for you to have the most enjoyable experience. An outdoor basketball can be a major cause of trouble if it’s not entirely accurate.

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If you search for an outdoor basketball in the market, you are bound to get entangled in a web of confusions and unknown specifications. This is because outdoor basketball is not designed with an approach to fit all kinds of players. There may be light basketballs for beginners, while there may be classic hard outdoor basketballs for the professional players.

It depends on which kind of basketball; you want to purchase. It is highly recommended to understand what are the differences in the distinct variants of a basketball and choose the one which meets your playing capacity and needs. For this purpose, we have provided a detailed buying guide as well.

Only knowing what to look out for is not enough. Understanding what customers feel or what they have experienced holds a chief value. Therefore, to ensure our readers know which are some of the best outdoor basketballs we have curated a list of top-rated and genuinely useful outdoor basketballs.

This list has been curated after a thorough study and through diligent information gathering processes. Careful reading is recommended to ensure you purchase the best outdoor basketball for an enthralling experience. Don’t worry, we have reviewed best indoor basketballs also. So check them out too:

best outdoor basketball | Best indoor outdoor Basketball

The Best Outdoor Basketballs [2022 Reviews]

1. Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball

Our top choice for the best indoor outdoor basketball is the Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball. It has all the necessary qualities that make it #1 best outdoor basketball. The most lauded feature of this basketball is its superior handling.

This is because of deep channel designing that makes it easy to pass and catch it. We would attribute this basketball as not only the best in terms of quality and overall experience but also the best in terms of value for money.

At this unbeatable price, you get durability, bounce, weight retention – everything just perfect. The outer rubber cover is designed for harsh usage and even if kept outside, basketball doesn’t lose air easily. Convenience also remains on top as it comes already inflated. So, you just need to unbox it and you are ready to have the best basketball experience.

The balls’ size and weight are also similar to the NBA standards that help provide players with a professional feel and experience. In a nutshell, we can guarantee that you cannot buy such an amazing basketball that has all things correct at a lower price than this.

2. Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor 29.5″ Basketball

An Amazon’s choice product that is a close competition to our top choice is the Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor Outdoor Basketball. It adheres to the NBA Standards and has the official size and weight for a professional and real basketball game experience. It is made up of composite completely and therefore it is our #1 choice if you are looking for the best indoor outdoor basketball.

It has the perfect bounce consistency as well and a spongy outer cover for a premium feel. For any basketball fanatic, who wants to get close to real NBA Experience this basketball is perfect for you. Just like the other basketball, it is shipped ready for play and adequately inflated as well.

Thus, on a whole, the Spalding NBA Zi/O Basketball is a great option if you want a multicourt basketball and given the price, it is significantly above many other basketballs in the market.

3. Spalding NBA SGT Neverflat Hexagrip Basketball

Spalding has mastered the art of manufacturing some amazing and brilliant quality basketballs. This brand brings another best outdoor basketball – NBA SGT Neverflat Hexagrip Basketball. It is also made with adherence to the NBA Standards and provides accurate size and weight.

It has a soft outer cover that is not only easy on the palms but ensures the players develop a great grip over the basketball. It also has a deep channel design that makes sure the basketball remains in control while you are dribbling it or passing it to your teammates. No sticking to your hands is also a great benefit which many users vouched for. But the real strength of this product lies in its innovative Never Flat Technology.

It guarantees that the basketball stays inflated for 1 year and many users have provided testimony for the same. The biggest benefit of such great air pressure consistency and weight retention is appropriate bounce and comfort during play. Undoubtedly, the NBA SGT Neverflat Hexagrip has some attractive features at a reasonable price to be called the best indoor outdoor basketball in the market.

4. Spalding NBA Street Phantom Official Outdoor Basketball

If good looks was a top reason for customer choice, this Basketball would have been the top choice, hands down. The Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball is available in attractive shades of black with colours such as neon blue, neon green, yellow etc. Not only the looks are what makes it a good choice, but it has a host of other features that add to the charm of this basketball.

Just like other NBA Basketballs by Spalding, this is also made according to NBA Standards. The weight and size are the same to provide you with a near to actual basketball game experience. Soft Grip Technology ensures twin benefits of a no harm to palm because of softcover and a great grip for adequate passing and dribbling off the basketball.

It is specifically suited for harsh metals, rocks etc. and therefore the best outdoor basketball in 2022. In a nutshell, if you want a low price, brilliant looks and amazing features, the Spalding NBA Street Phantom is suitable for you.

5. Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball

One of our top choices for the best outdoor basketball is the Under Armour 495 Outdoor Basketball. This is a composite basketball and can be called the best indoor outdoor basketball as well. It has a UA Gripskin that provides adequate comfort, great grip and easy handling as well.

The shape retention is ensured with 80% nylon windings. It has a 100% butyl bladder as well. Even though this company is fairly recent but it is surely providing great experiences to all customers because of durable quality and unparalleled customer support.

If we dive into customer reviews, then it is important to wear this basketball out for a few days. This is because many users reported it being a bit slippery on the palm in the beginning, but with continued use, it tends to become much comfier and better to play with.

A large chunk of users preferred it a bit more for indoor usage, but as per our research, it is adequate for outdoor usage as well. A downside is an uneven bounce which this ball provides.

This can be a major cause of concern for certain users, but on a whole, the experience is fairly good at this price. In a nutshell, the Under Armour 495 is a great multi court basketball.

6. Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

We bring a great option for newbies who are starting to learn basketball. This is a highly affordable and value for money option that is best suited for amateurs looking for rubber basketballs.

It is designed to be used directly after unboxing. No need to break in or anything, just take it out and you are ready to hit the court. It is although a rubber basketball, but illustrates a great grip and near to professional level kind of playing experience.

The deep pebbles put inside the ball are what make it so different from other rubber basketballs. This makes it highly useful in cold or rainy weather. However, if you want the ball to achieve a specific tightness or air pressure you can inflate it as well.

The seems of the Mikasa BX1000 are not very deep but this trouble is neutralized by the deep pebble technology. On top of such quality features, it comes with a 1 Year Warranty as well. All these features make this a lucrative option if you are low on budget but want the best outdoor basketball.

7. Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

A replica of the NCAA Game Basketball, this product by Wilson is an absolute show-stealer. Its features and durability are top-notch. It has a distinct look than normal basketballs which provides a unique look and feel as well.

The pink colour composite cover is not only aesthetically brilliant but provides a good grip over the basketball as well. There is a butyl rubber core as well that ensures sufficient weight retention.

The cover is moisture absorbent which does not get slippery on palms. Because of the pebbled accent, it becomes a very comfortable ball to play with. It neither sticks to the hands nor loses grip.

It becomes easy to catch and pass the ball specifically while you are dribbling it to your teammates. The ball, though, can lose air frequently and therefore, we advise users to constantly keep refilling it.

This can prevent uneven bounce or any other troubles while you play basketball. It is suitable for boys and girls above the age of 9 and can be a great cost-effective investment if you are a newbie looking for a quality experience.

All such amazing features add up to make the Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball the best outdoor basketball.

8. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Last on our list of the best outdoor basketballs, 2022 is the Wilson Evolution Game Basketball. It is the top-rated indoor basketball in America but can be used for outdoor usage as well. It is very unique in its construction material and provides a great experience to all the players.

It has a microfiber composite that looks and feels like leather but doesn’t get worn down like leather. This adds to the durability and comfort of playing with this basketball.

Since it is very useful for newbies and women, this basketball has an elastic inner core which comprises butyl rubber and a kind of spongy rubber that ensure proper comfort in small sizes. There are channels around the basketball that wick the moisture on the ball and evaporate it quickly to not affect your handling of the ball.

This also ensures that the ball doesn’t get slippery or sticks to your hand while you are dribbling it towards the basket. A note of caution is that the ball will not be very smooth in the beginning.

However, after a few weeks or a month of breaking in, you will achieve the smoothest game you can ever experience. In a nutshell, the Wilson Evolution Basketball is a top-notch premium basketball for amateur usage.

The Ultimate Outdoor Basketballs [Buyer’s Guide]

For an average buyer, purchasing the best outdoor basketball can be a time consuming and tedious task to complete. Given the myriad of options available in the market, it is common to end up buying the wrong outdoor basketball that makes it either very uncomfortable to play or has some other issue such as low or high bounce, etc. It is also seen that going through hundreds of reviews is not a viable option.

Our list of the best outdoor basketballs has provided you with the best options available, but it is of utmost importance to understand what to look for in a basketball and which features can have a positive impact on your game. We have summarized a list of some important factors that you must look for before purchasing an outdoor basketball.

  • The material of the ball

It is undoubtedly the most significant factor that needs to be considered before buying an outdoor basketball. Generally, the basketballs are available in two distinct built materials:

  • Composite Leather Balls: Feels similar to genuine leather basketballs
  • Rubber Basketballs: A bit cheaper but have a rubber surface and not preferred by professionals.

It is not advised to purchase genuine leather basketballs and rather purchase the composite leather basketballs. If you are playing in your streets, then rubber basketballs can be a great option. These basketballs are generally purchased by amateurs who are learning to master this sport.

  • Handling Comfort and Grip

As a rule of thumb, the softer your ball is the better it is. Soft basketballs provide a great grip and feel comfortable on hands while dribbling as well. Outdoor basketball was usually thought of as very hard and rough, but with today’s advancements in technology, even outdoor basketballs have become soft and durable.

  • Bounce Consistency

It matters a lot to know the bounce which your basketball provides. You must avoid those basketballs which have an uneven bounce pattern.

Rather, it is advised to either physical checkout the basketball or have a detailed reading of customer reviews. This can ensure that you get the accurate bounce and feel from the best outdoor basketball you purchase.

  • Durability

No one purchases basketball for a short period. If you are investing in a good outdoor basketball you must look out for its durability. You must ensure you purchase a quality product that can last for a sufficient time frame.

Since you are playing outside and there are metals or rocks, etc. you must purchase tough basketball that can withstand such harsh materials.

  • Weight

More than the actual weight of a basketball, you must focus on weight retention. It is a known fact that with usage, a basketball tends to wear away and become lighter and lighter. Cheap and local quality basketballs can wear away quickly but genuine basketballs are made for rough and tough use and do not wear away soon.

  • Price

Lastly, it is important to set a budget for your needs. If you have a compact budget and an amateur, you can purchase a good quality rubber basketball.

However, we recommend purchasing a composite leather basketball as it can ensure cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Best Outdoor Basketballs [FAQ’s]

How much air should be inside a basketball?

It depends on individual choice. But a known rule is that the higher the air pressure inside a basketball, the more bounce it will have. Therefore, people prefer buying a basketball with high air pressure as it can ensure a good bounce and an enjoyable playing experience.

Can one use an indoor basketball outside?

No! It is a strict no in this case. This is because indoor courts are much more suited for delicate basketballs, while outside there are harsh materials like rocks, metals etc. This calls for a tough and solid basketball to be used while playing outside.

However, one can use an outdoor basketball for indoor use. That is why we always recommend purchasing an outdoor basketball as it can be used in various playing conditions.

How to choose the right size of a basketball?

For professional players or those above the age of 15, size 7 is best. For newbies in the age group of 12-14 size 6 is best. For even smaller players, size 5 is sufficient.

What does it mean by ‘breaking in’ a basketball?

In simplest terms, if a basketball is broken in it generally means that it has been used and worn out to the point it feels comfortable while you play and you have a good grip over it. Mostly, basketballs are already broken in but you may do that yourself as well to have the desired grip level.

Final Verdict

Buying outdoor basketball is not a cakewalk. There are various considerations and decisions you need to make. Be it deciding the right size, the weight retention, or the quality, it all becomes a tedious process and a source of confusion.

But we provide a detailed buying guide and a list of the best outdoor basketballs available in the market. Our recommendations are fairly clear and an elaborate guide can truly aid in the process of purchasing only the best and most suitable outdoor basketball for you. [wiki]

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