How to Build the Backyard Basketball Court?

backyard basketball court

Not everybody can indeed afford to have a basketball of their own, and by this I mean buy a set for themselves. Some people prefer to play basketball by going to the stadiums or getting a portable basketball hoop for their backyard. Some people might think about what I am trying to say here. The … Read more

Do Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

shoes that make you jump higher

Every single basketball player wishes to be able to dunk properly but for that, they need to work on their vertical jump. For a proper dunk, the player needs to jump a bit higher than usual for that they need a lot of practice. You can’t just go and jump as you do and expect … Read more

How To Shoot A Basketball Perfectly

how to shoot a basketball perfectly

One of the most essential skills that one needs to know to master this game is shooting the ball perfectly. Knowing how to shoot a basketball perfectly is one thing that one needs to learn properly to be in the team. Some think that basketball is a pretty easy game and you just need to … Read more

Does Basketball Make You Taller

does basketball make you taller

Does basketball make you taller?  Can basketball increase your height? and a lot more in different ways. Players are usually asked these questions. Some tend to answer it and some just ignore it. The truth is nobody can say anything about it. It might be just a myth or it may be the reality. This … Read more

How Long Is A Basketball Game?

how long does a basketball game last

How long is a basketball game? The question that arises due to the fact the length of a basketball game usually depends on at which platform you are actually playing and also on the fact that which competition is the team taking part in. Some competitions allow the team to have 4 quarters, while some … Read more

Average Height of an NBA Player

average nba height

The height of an NBA player has been a topic to discuss for those who have an interest in basketball. Basketball has been dominated by tall players for over a long time now because they have the height advantage. Having height above the average level is an advantage for a basketball player. Players having a … Read more