How To Shoot A Basketball Perfectly Every Time?


How To Shoot A Basketball Perfectly Every Time?

One of the most essential skills that one needs to know to master this game is shooting the ball perfectly. Knowing how to shoot a basketball perfectly is one thing that one needs to learn properly to be in the team. Some think that basketball is a pretty easy game and you just need to throw the ball in the hoop.

But it is not as easy as it looks; a player has to put all of his efforts to learn this trick and it’s not something you can leave behind. As the game has progressed over these years with a change of rules and many more it has become more important for the players to be able to shoot the ball from a long distance.

Most people think that players having an incredible height always have the advantage to put the ball in the hoop from a far distance but it is not what it looks like the skills matter the most in this. Height is something that is natural and not in your control but the ability to shoot it is something that is in your control.

To master this skill one should just practice more and more. All it takes is hard work and dedication not only to learn how to shoot perfectly but probably in everything that one does.

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how to shoot a basketball correctly


To master yourself in anything you need to learn how to do it the correct way you may find any other way which makes it easier for you to master it but the technique that you learn is not the right one you need to learn the proper way of doing it.

Just like shooting in basketball, the technique matters the most the player should learn how to take a perfect stance to hit the target. The correct method is always the best method and everybody should learn the correct way only. Anybody can learn how to shoot but it’s challenging to learn the correct way.

Stance while shooting matters the most if you take the position correctly, the ball hits the hoop but if you do not take the stance properly your ball will miss it. It is all about timing in this game and whatever you have to do it has to be fast so you should know what do you have to do at the moment?

There are different methods which are taught to youngsters who show interest in basketball which makes it easier for them to learn. One of the methods is called the BEEF method. This method is super simple and is taught in such a way that kids learn the basic rules of shooting properly quickly.

Here is what the acronym stands for:

  • (B) stands for Balance
  • (E) stands for Elbow
  • (E) stands for eyes
  • (F) stands for Follow-Through

It is merely up; it is just like a kickstart to learn how to shoot properly.

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  • Shot preparation

This is one of the most important steps and one of the steps the is usually overlooked by the players and the coaches. 2 things will happen if you do not have the shot prepared.

  • Either the ball will hit the mark, or the defender will block it before you go for it.

Starting with your knees and hips slightly bent:- It will take some time to prepare for the short if you catch the ball with straight knees.

  • Show target hands:- By showing the target hands to the player shows them where to exactly where to pass to the shot pocket.
  • Be mentally prepared to shoot:- The player with the ball should be mentally prepared and should know where to shoot exactly.
  • Hand placement on the ball

The player catching the ball to shoot must quickly hold the ball in his hand in the correct way. The balance hand should be on the side of the basketball while the shooting hand should be under/ behind the ball. The thumb of the shooting hand and the thumb of the balance hand should be in the shape of a ‘T’.

All the finger and hand pads should be touching the basketball. Another thing that is overlooked is that the player should spread his hands widely and comfortably over the basketball.

  • Balanced base

Almost everybody thinks that only upper body movements are involved in order to shoot properly. Still, everybody should know that base is one more part who’s movement is required too. It is hard to become a consistent shooter if the player can’t get the base of the short correctly.

  • Feet slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart:- If our feet are too narrow then you would not have a proper balance while taking the shot, on the other hand, if they are too wide the player won’t get enough lift for the shoot.
  • Dominant foot slightly in front:- For the right-hand shooters it means putting the right foot forward and the exact opposite for the left-hand shooters. It gives them more balance.
  • Weight equally distributed on each foot:- The player should not be leaning while taking the shot. The weight should be equally distributed.
  • Feet direction(the turn):

While shooting the basketball the player must turn his feet slightly. For the right-handers, their feet should be turned slightly to the left while for the left-handers their feet should be turned slightly to the left.

The toes of both the feet should be facing the rim and the reason behind doing this is to avoid tension on your chest during the throw. To avoid this the player should turn their feet slightly so that their elbow and shoulder line-up properly with the rim.

  • Consistent shot pocket

The Shot pocket is the area a player is most comfortable starting the basketball from when beginning their shot. This area is usually around the lower chest area or the stomach area but the players must find their own comfortable area. This step is important for 2 main reasons:-

(A) Keeping a consistent shot pocket helps ensure that the player is throwing the ball in the same way as always.

(B) This would give the player a better rhythm to go up for the shot.

  • Eyes on the target

There is not just one place where the player focuses while shooting the ball. Different players have different areas that they choose to target. Players have got several options to target:

  • The center of the front of the rim.
  • The center of the back of the rim.
  • The first loop in the net.
  • The entire loop.

It does not matter whichever area the player chooses the thing that matters is that the player must be focused on that spot only and should not think about anything else while focusing on the spot.

  • Wrinkle the wrist

This is one of the most common problems that one comes across. Shooting with a straight wrist is one of the main problems in young players. Players doing this often push the ball towards the rim instead of up and through the rim. The aim is to get the wrist of the shooting hand bent as far as possible.

Doing this would give an extra shot and would create a backspin required for a perfect shooter. When bent correctly small wrinkles will appear on the back of the shooting hand. Doing this indicates if the players are bending their wrist properly or not before shooting.

  • Elbow under the basketball

While going up for a short the elbow of the shooting arm should be under the basketball. The player needs to form an ‘L’ shape with the upper arm and the lower arm and also wrist bent to 90 degrees.

Doing this will ensure the ball is in a straight line to the rim and will also provide a proper backspin. A player often flares out their elbow when they usually do not turn their feet correctly.

  • Balance Hand

Balance hand is also known as the non-shooting hand. The only role that this hand has to play is to support the shooting hand until the release point.

For the right-handers, it’s their left hand and for the left-handers, it’s their right hand. When the elbow starts to extend while in shooting motion the balance releases off the side of the basketball.

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how to make every shot in basketball



A great shooter will never have a flat shot, the flatter the shot gets, the lesser surface area the ball has to go through the rim. In most of the cases, a flat shot occurs because the player pushes the ball out towards the rim from their chest, instead of shooting it in the air.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, good players wrinkle their wrist and their elbow finishes next to their eyebrow when the shot is taken.


Several players make the mistake of using the thumb of the hand that they use to balance to provide an extra push for the shot, this is only required when the player is young or doesn’t have enough strength to shoot the shot with one hand, which is the traditional method for shooting. Usually, this is compensated by shooting with both hands.

As the player grows and gains more strength, they should learn to shoot their shot with one hand, without using the thumb of their balance hand.


It is important to dip the basketball because it is important to maintain a consistent shot pocket, it is important for the rhythm on the point and this helps in preventing the upper body from being too tense.


Following your shot will often negatively impact the game and do the following things:

1.  It will ruin their shooting technique.

Due to the motion of the shot, the player’s upper body i.e: their shoulder will go slightly back and their lower back will go forward, this usually moves them away from the rim.

This also conditions the player to sprint and challenge for the rebound

2. It will put them in the wrong mindset.

When a player shoots their shot, one potentially tells them that they’re going to miss their shot and this isn’t a healthy mindset to keep while shooting a shot.

Unless a player has a feeling that their shot is off, they shouldn’t just shoot their shot mindlessly and should take proper aim. The player should put in one hundred percent focus into taking their full shot routine.


A good player knows the importance of spreading their fingers wide enough and comfortably while shooting their shot. One common mistake young athletes make is that they shoot twitch their fingers too close which can often create an imbalance.

The closer the fingers are together, the less control the other player. The best time to address this issue is when one is practicing with their team.

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Basketball was invented by the Springfield instructor James Naismith in 1891 and has grown into a worldwide played sport. It’s often misunderstood that basketball is just a game where one shoots their shot, but that’s not all, one needs to perfect their skills and practice so they are precise.

To play this game with precision, one needs to correct their stances. There is the right way of shooting and the following points should be kept in mind: proper posture should be maintained, the right angle should be kept while aiming for a shot and an eye should be kept on the target. The player should be skilled in both defense and shooting, one is incomplete without the other.

One should know that you should learn this game with an open mind as there are many elements of the game that you need to learn. One should work on their passing skills, should correct their mistakes, not wrinkling their wrist as well as double dribbling, and should remember to spread their fingers wide enough on the ball.

To be a good player, one has to have amazing stamina, should have good hand-eye coordination, should be in sync with the other team players, and pass where necessary to achieve the target, that is winning. Defense, Rebounding, and passing are integral aspects of the game.

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