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NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans: A Journey of Rising Achievements

The New Orleans Pelicans, a prominent and noteworthy professional basketball team in the NBA, have made a formidable impact with their remarkable player selection and devoted followers. In this article, we will delve deeper into the Pelicans’ historical journey, accomplishments, team roster, and future prospects.

Historical Background

The New Orleans Pelicans were first established in 2002 as the Charlotte Hornets before relocating to New Orleans in the following year. The team’s name underwent a metamorphosis in 2013, transforming into the Pelicans, inspired by the Brown Pelican, the state bird of Louisiana.


The Pelicans’ accomplishments are indeed worth mentioning, given their relatively short history in the NBA. The team’s ascension towards dominance is on the rise, as witnessed in their 2017-2018 playoff qualification after a three-year hiatus.

However, the Pelicans’ aspirations were thwarted as they lost in the first round to the Portland Trail Blazers. In the subsequent season, they attained playoff qualification once more and progressed to the second round, only to suffer defeat to the Golden State Warriors.

However, the fans have backed the players and the teams right throughout. Whether it has been the fans creating fantastic e-cards for the players during the games, or showcasing their love on social media platforms, the New Orleans Pelicans have a very strong following. This is going to help them garner a lot of professional success on the basketball court in the coming years to come.


The Pelicans possess a remarkable assortment of talented and promising young players, including standout performers such as Zion Williamson, the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Williamson has made a significant impact in the league, dazzling fans with his dynamic playing style, characterized by his authoritative dunks. Another rising star is Brandon Ingram, who joined the Pelicans in 2019 from the Los Angeles Lakers and was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player in the 2019-2020 season.


The future outlook is promising for the Pelicans, with their youthful and exceptional roster, spearheaded by the experienced head coach Stan Van Gundy. Additionally, the team acquired Kira Lewis Jr., a promising point guard, in the 2020 NBA Draft. With their talented players and unwavering fan base, the Pelicans have a chance to establish themselves as a dominant force in the NBA in the forthcoming years.

New Orleans Pelicans Roster:

Zion WilliamsonPF6'6"284lbsDuke$13,534,817
Brandon IngramSF6'8"190lbsDuke$31,650,600
CJ McCollumSG6'3"190lbsLehigh$33,333,333
Jaxson HayesC7'0"220lbsTexas$6,803,012
Kira Lewis Jr.PG6'1"170lbsAlabama$4,004,280
Larry Nance Jr.PF6'8"245lbsWyoming$9,672,727
Josh RichardsonSG6'6"200lbsTennessee$11,615,328
Jonas ValanciunasC6'11"265lbs-$14,700,000
Trey Murphy IIISG6'8"206lbsVirginia$3,206,640
Willy HernangomezC6'11"250lbs-$2,443,581
Naji MarshallSF6'7"220lbsXavier$1,782,621
Herbert JonesSF6'7"206lbsAlabama$1,785,000
Garrett TempleSF6'6"195lbsLSU$4,910,000
Jose AlvaradoPG6'0"179lbsGeorgia Tech$1,563,518
Dyson DanielsG6'7"199lbs-$5,508,600
E.J. LiddellF6'6"240lbsOhio State-
Dereon SeabronG6'5"180lbsNC State-


In conclusion, the New Orleans Pelicans have displayed a remarkable surge of achievements and potential in their short yet eventful tenure in the NBA. Their gifted player roster and ardent followers make them a team to watch out for in the future. We trust that this article has offered an insightful and captivating overview of the Pelicans and their journey in the NBA.


Q: Who owns the New Orleans Pelicans?

A: The New Orleans Pelicans are owned by Gayle Benson, the widow of Tom Benson who purchased the team in 2012.

Q: Where do the New Orleans Pelicans play?

A: The New Orleans Pelicans play at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Q: When do the New Orleans Pelicans play again?

A: The New Orleans Pelicans’ schedule is subject to change and depends on the NBA’s official schedule. You can check their schedule on the NBA’s official website or the Pelicans’ official website.

Q: How can the New Orleans Pelicans upset the Phoenix Suns?

A: To upset the Phoenix Suns, the New Orleans Pelicans will need to play a solid all-around game with strong performances from their key players. They will need to limit turnovers, play tough defense, and shoot efficiently from the field. Additionally, the Pelicans will need to exploit any weaknesses in the Suns’ game and make adjustments as needed throughout the game.

Q: When were the New Orleans Pelicans founded?

A: The New Orleans Pelicans were founded in 2002 as the New Orleans Hornets. They were renamed the New Orleans Pelicans in 2013.

Q: Who are some of the New Orleans Pelicans’ star players?

A: Some of the New Orleans Pelicans’ star players include Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball.

Q: Have the New Orleans Pelicans won any championships?

A: No, the New Orleans Pelicans have not won any championships yet. They have made the playoffs a few times since the team’s founding in 2002, but they have not advanced past the second round.

Q: Who is the head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans?

A: The head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans is Willie Green. He was hired in July 2021, replacing former head coach Stan Van Gundy.

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