Checking In On The Miami Heat Youth

This summer started in a very exciting way. A huge amount that is $150 million was invested in high ranking players. Players namely Dion Waiters, James Johnson, and Kelly Olynyk. You can now assume that the future of these players will depend somewhat on how the young players under them perform.

By Noah Schulte

The only thing that the people were curious about is the Heat and that is because they had placed themselves in a very unimaginable position during the summer, they had already invested a huge amount on the seasoned players who had drastically transformed themselves during the contract and got into a culture that was not enough to make it through playoffs in the East.

Young players are feeling pressured because of the lack of cap flexibility. Let us take you to how they are managing themselves.

Miami Heat Youth

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Justise Winslow was an integral part of the association that is the NBA we are talking about. He had a very impressive performance at the start and for his team Duke.

He played a very important role in taking the team to the playoffs in 2015, that very year he played exceptionally well and everybody could see the hard work through his performance. If we compare his performance of the years 2015 and 2017-18 we can see that he had lost the skills he had in 2015. He was different in 2017-18.

The Miami team coach also started to dislike him. Erick Spoelstra the Miami coach said that whenever he reached the court it kinda generated a negative vibe and everybody in the court just got demotivated by his presence on the court.

The heat aimed at bringing the great ballers like Goran Dragic to get in the proper lane and aim at the loop properly and take the shot properly. The only thing that they thought Winslow lagged was that he was unable to shoot from the position from a three-point. The thing is that whenever he was there the defenders would just cave in and provide more support.

The problems like these were normal when they had Winslow on the court and that is just because he lacks control over the ball. He certainly had improved out to be better at the three-pointer position only when he had the support of the defense and that was not a big problem at all.

There is still no doubt and people still believe that he has a lot of potential in him, he just needs to believe in himself and bring glory, that is it.

Josh Richardson

Talking about Josh Richardson now. He was one of the most undervalued players in the NBA. He has helped a lot in increasing points for the heat and that was possible only because of his performance at the 3-D wing position. His position was just above average but it was enough to make a positive effect on the heat.

Now let us try to add all the points for you. He was a very determined player and had a lot of potential in him and believe me that was visible. His performance in the 2015 playoffs was exceptional and worth praising, that year he had a net rating of 3.2 as a newbie.

Comparing his rating in 2016 he had a rating of 1.7. He had also worked hard on his defenses. And the hard work is visible in his performance in every season. He has done the best for his team and also bought trophies and has always helped out during difficult times.

He may not have proved out to be a very important player but whenever he saw that his team needed to lift and needed support he was always the first one to motivate them could be like a supportive player or any other way out.

We all know that he had an agreement and we also know that he was recovering from his injuries but he has never left his team’s side and had shown his best performance this season and you will believe it when I tell you that his presence in court had improved the heat by .7 points.

But still, he needs to prove that he can take better shots and also take three-pointer shots and also work in his other skills. It does not matter much if he fails sometimes because he has proved his importance in the team a long time back. And has also inspired young players.


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