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Trae Young Jersey

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About Trae Young:

Rayford Trae Young, a professional American basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks (NBA), was born September 19, 1998. He was a college basketball player for the Oklahoma Sooners.

He tied the record for single-game National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I assists in 2017 with 22. Young was the first player to lead the NCAA in points and assists with 22. Young was selected with Doncic as a unanimous selection to join the 2019 NBA All-Rookies First Team.

Trae was born in Lubbock, Texas, to Candice and Rayford Young. He was a professional basketball player in Europe and Texas Tech. He has two younger siblings, Tim and Caitlyn, as well as a younger brother. Young has an uncle who was a college basketball player in the NAIA.

High school career:

Young was raised in Oklahoma and attended Norman North High School. He averaged 25 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds per match in Norman North’s sophomore year to help them win the 2015 regional championship.

He was also named Oklahoma’s Sophomore Of The The Year. His junior year saw a significant improvement in his game. His team was 28-4 when he averaged 34.2 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 4.6 assists. They won the Oklahoma Class 6A title and were second in the state. and rated Young among the best players in the 2017 recruiting class. Young was ranked second on ESPN as a point-guard prospect and third on other websites. in 2010, Young was the University of Oklahoma’s first five-star recruit since Tiny Gallon.

Young’s shooting range has been receiving glowing reviews since high school. This is where Steph Curry comparisons started. But the roots of this technique were actually developed a few years before. Young was the youngest child on his travel team and often had his shots blocked. That’s when he started shooting floaters. His father would hold up a broomstick to guard him. His father suggested that he shoot farther away from the hoop. Young was forced to use all his muscles to reach the net. This was also a difficult decision. Young learned to use his muscle memory quickly and was soon able to shoot from the deep. This was continued at Oklahoma and with the Hawks in the NBA.

College Notes:

One season played for the University of Oklahoma (2017-18).

2017-18 freshman, played in 32 games and started. Averaged 35.4 minutes, 27.4 points, 3.9 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game. 41.2% of the field shots, 36.0% at 3-point, and 86.1% at the foul line.

He was the first NCAA Division I player to lead the country in assists and scoring.

Named unanimous All-American First Team; Wayman Tisdale National Youngman of the year award winner; unanimous All-Big 12 Conference Freshman, Newcomer, and First Team.

His scoring average was the highest in Big-12 history, and his assists per match rank second on the all-time list.

He was the first NCAA player to score 800 points and 250 assists in a single NCAA conference season.

Four games with 40 or more points were recorded.

NBA Notes:

He completed his third NBA season in 2020-2021 with the Atlanta Hawks.

Through 2020-2021, played in 204 games and compiled 6,748 minute (33.1 mpg), 4,921 (24.1% ppg), 667 rebound (3.9 rpg), 1,807 assists (8.9 APG). 1,807 assists (8.9 apg) and 190 steals (1.9% spg), shooting 43.1% from field, 34.3% at 3-point, and 86.1% from behind the foul line.

2020-2021: Played and started in 63 games. He averaged 33.7 minutes (26th NBA), 25.3 points (14th NBA), 3.9 rebounding, 9.4 assists (2nd NBA), and 0.8 steals per game. Record-breaking performances included 43.8% shooting from the field (98th place in NBA), 34.3% shooting from 3-point, and a career-high 88.6% shooting from the foul line (14th place in NBA). Ranked 19th for player efficiency (23.1).

The average time spent playing and starting in 60 games in 2019-2020 was 35.3 minutes (10th place in NBA), 29.6 points (4th place in NBA), a career-high 4.3 rebounds, 9.3 assists (2nd NBA), and a career record 1.1 steals per game (tied 42nd NBA). Record-breaking shooting percentages of 43.7% from the field, 36.1% at 3-point, and 86.0% at the foul line (26th place in NBA).

In 2018-2019, I was a rookie and played in 81 games. My average playing time was 30.9 minutes and 19.1 points per game. I also had 3.7 rebounds and 8.1 assists. Shooting 41.8% from the field and 32.4% from 3 points, and 82.9% from behind the foul line. In 81 games (all starts). In the NBA’s qualifying rookies, they ranked 1st for assists and 4th for the NBA, 2nd for points per game and 34th overall, 3rd in free throw percentage, 3rd to minutes per game, 6th for steals per match, and 10th in rebounds/game.

Dallas selected him as an early-entry candidate with the 5th overall selection in the 2018 NBA Draft.

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