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5 Common Prop Bets Made During NBA Games

Sports betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with NBA matches being one of the most frequently bet on sports events. For those looking to add a bit of excitement and unpredictability to their viewing experience, prop bets are an attractive option.

Prop bets are wagers focusing more on individual plays or players rather than the game’s outcome. Here are five common prop bets made during NBA matches that can help you make your next viewing session even more exciting!

Points Scored by a Specific Player

Betting sites offer various prop betting options for NBA games, including the number of points scored by one player. This type of wager is especially popular among basketball betting enthusiasts because it adds an extra layer of excitement to watching each play on the court.

Moreover, the betting odds make these bets even more compelling, as each point difference can mean a substantial payout. As such, it’s no surprise that Points Scored by a Specific Player betting has become one of the most popular types of betting in professional basketball today.

Team to Score First

One of the more popular options is the “team to score first” wager, which has been around for years but continues to be a favorite among punters due to its potential for sizable prize pools. Not only does this bet allow players to guess which team will get on the scoreboard first, but it also enables them to predict how many points that team will rack up.

Those unfortunate enough not to win on their selection still have a chance at earning profits should either squad make it into double-digits first. With simple betting rules, it’s no wonder this popular NBA prop bet continues to attract sports betting enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Will a Three-Point Shot be Made Before the First Free Throw?

An exciting and unique prop bet that has become increasingly popular in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is whether or not a three-point shot will be made before the first free throw. This wager has been especially fascinating for basketball fans, requiring them to consider two different game scenarios.

If a team is going for a three-point shot first and makes it, then this option will pay out. However, if the first action of a team is to go for a free throw and make it, then that option will be the winner. Therefore, betting on which action will happen first – the three-point shot or the free throw – can be an exciting chance to hypothesize and generate some thrill during an NBA game.

Number of Points in the Game

One of the most common types of prop bets is on the number of points in the game, which focuses on the performance of both teams rather than just individual players. These wagers are frequently placed on whether one team will exceed a certain predetermined point total or betting on a specific quarter’s point totals.

The unpredictability and wide range of results possible make these kinds of bets ideal for those looking for a more thrilling viewing experience from their favorite basketball games.

Total Rebounds by a Specific Player

This type of bet is attractive to gamblers as it requires knowledge of both team matchups and players able to make informed predictions. In addition, professional basketball offers enough variation between players and teams for this kind of wager that yields higher odds than the traditional point spread betting and over/under totals.

In addition, total rebound bets usually offer variable betting lines depending on the matchup. Some even allow the selection of a combination of different players’ performances in one wager, making it an intriguing and diverse gambling opportunity.


Why should you bet props?

Prop betting offers plenty of advantages to sports bettors. For starters, they often provide higher odds than other types of bets since the outcome is harder to predict. Also, props can offer a more entertaining experience while watching your favorite basketball games as you have an extra layer of excitement and anticipation when it comes to predicting the results.

Finally, prop bets are a great way for beginners to get their feet wet with sports betting without taking on too much risk or complexity – something that’s especially important in the highly competitive world of professional basketball.

Are Props Best For Big Or Small Bets?

Prop bets can be a great way to make both big and small bets. For instance, if you’re looking for a higher risk-reward ratio, then going with props could be the right choice since they often offer better payouts than other types of wagers.

On the other hand, prop betting can also be ideal for those wanting to make smaller wagers without taking on too much risk – something especially useful when trying to stretch your bankroll further during an NBA season. Ultimately, it’s up to each bettor to decide which option fits their style of betting best.

Regardless of your preferred size of bet, it’s important to remember that all types of sports betting should be undertaken responsibly and with caution. With sensible bankroll management and knowledge of the game, prop betting can be an enjoyable and potentially lucrative way to experience professional basketball.


Prop bets have become increasingly popular in the National Basketball Association, offering punters a wide variety of interesting and engaging options. From the “team to score first” bet to props based on individual players’ performances, there is something for everyone regarding NBA prop betting.

Whether you are looking for an added thrill during a game or to make some extra money, NBA prop bets offer an exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity.

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