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8 Best Basketball Insoles for Players In 2024 [Reviewed]

Are you looking for best insoles for basketball players?

Big or loose shoes are as inconvenient as the tight ones are. Sometimes, when we buy shoes, we are satisfied with their size. But after wearing them for some time, we find them a little loose and not offering the desired shape. And if this happens with your basketball shoes, you are bound to face an injury.

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Only a basketball enthusiast can understand the relevance of the right pair of shoes with the right fit. Basketball insoles are a great remedy to adjust the fit of your oversized shoes. These easy to slip-in soles are available in several material and shapes.

In this article, we are going to explore the best basketball insoles in 2020! But before that, lets quickly understand the basketball insoles and its uses.

What are basketball insoles?

Insoles are referred to as the pieces of material placed within your shoes to provide added comfort and assure a better fit for your shoes. Also referred to as the footbeds’, these insoles aim to provide comfort by filling up the extra space between your feet inside the shoes.

As these insoles can be taken out to clean, they keep your shoes fresh and clean. If you are finding your shoes a bit bigger, these insoles are perfect to make them the right fit for your feet.

How Basketball Insoles Can Be a Game-changer for You?

If you are not comfortable with your basketball shoes, you are bound to under-perform at the court. Secondly, lack of grip can cause an ankle injury as well. Here are some of the important reasons for considering insole for your basketball shoes:

There are special insoles called orthotic insoles which are specifically designed to correct your posture. These insoles are tailor-made to address the specific issue about standing, walking or running.

The basketball shoes must be a good fit to avoid any injury at court. These soles help in providing a better grip by tightly wrapping up the shoes on your feet.

By providing a good grip and making a good fit for your shoes, these insoles help to keep your feet warmer. In colder weather, an additional layer of insoles helps in insulting your feet.

Insoles largely help in preventing blister by providing a tight-fit to avoid any rubbing or irritation.

The main aim of adding insoles to your shoes is to achieve a better fit. If you are choosing shoes that are slightly bigger than the required fit, these soles help make them appropriate for your feet. By laying out these insoles, you can pad the shoes for additional comfort.

As we have understood the relevance of basketball shoe insoles, let us review the 8 best basketball shoe insoles which be a gamechanger for you.

TOP 8 Best Basketball Insoles for Players [2024 Reviews]:

What are the best insoles for basketball shoes?

1. Sof Sole Insoles (Best Sports Insoles for Basketball)

Compared to any other typical insole, Sof Sole Arch is larger. Hence, these insoles can be easily fit to any large-sized shoes. To provide life to these insoles, they come with gel heels. The high support of these insoles is equivalent to Super Feet Arch support.

These insoles highly resemble the Shock Doctor. These are ultimate breathable and lightweight sports performance insoles which promise to deliver impressive results on the court. These are crafted using high-quality fabric, gel, and foam to elevate your comfort during the game.

Gel pads are embedded at the heels and forefoot for quick shock absorption and extra cushioning. To wick away any sweat, these insoles are provided with Hydrologix Fiber so that you can keep your feet dry for hours during the game. With an ultimate odor control ability, these insoles aim to eradicate the bacteria from deep within insoles.


Keep your feet drier and cooler with Hydologix
An antibacterial material is used
1-year replacement warranty against defects by the manufacturer
Provide enhanced arch cushioning
Designed specifically for high arches


Oversized insoles are sometimes difficult to fit into small-sized shoes

2. Dr. Scholl’s EXTRA SUPPORT Insoles

Dr. Scholl is a renowned brand that is known for creating multi-layered incredible soles to provide great cushioning at different parts of your feet. Especially for basketball enthusiasts, these insoles are the best choice by providing an adequate structure for high-speed stunts.

These soles come with the semi-rigid shell to outline the border of heels and arches. There is an orange plate over the pronation of your feet and keep them centrally aligned. It comes with Responsive Wave Cushioning technology by inserting the smart gel at the heel to manipulate the soft tissues in this area.

These insoles are specifically designed for large and taller men to provide additional support to their feet. With resilient gel, dense foam and premium PU, these insoles are highly durable and ideal for the basketball enthusiasts.


Unique U-shape design to absorb stress due to excessive weight
Support rigorous activities like basketball well
Loaded with massaging gel to eliminate pain
Special attention to the central alignment of feet
Specifically designed for taller and bigger men


Trimming these insoles is tough to make them an ideal fit for your shoes

3. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer (Best Athletic Insoles for Basketball)

Spenco is a versatile brand with a wide range of insoles addressing the needs of different customers. Anything from simple gel to thick arch support, the wide range of selection from Spenco makes it everyone’s favorite.

For high endurance athletes and basketball enthusiasts, Spenco has specifically designed the insoles focusing on their requirements. With the padding at the heel arch, these insoles provide excellent absorption at the forefoot.

With a personalized foot size for every insole, they provide excellent support to your feet to alleviate any pain to discomfort. The high pricing of these insoles vouches for their high-quality. To offer energy-return and outstanding shock absorption, these insoles are crafted for an added cushioning to your feet.


Spenco is a high-end brand known for offering reliable products
High-quality material for extended durability
Added cushion for additional comfort to your feet
Comes with extended arch support
Premium insoles to support home workout and athletes


Prices are bit higher as compared to other insoles

4. GAOAG Shock-absorption Breathable Insole

These high-quality insoles are crafted from incredibly breathable mesh cover and foam that permits sustainable airflow. To prevent odor-causing bacteria, the fabric top cover has been treated. The high walls around the heel provide ideal alignment to your feet and improve pronation.

You can expect a soft landing from its intuitively textured surfaces. It has been specifically designed to avoid any sliding or slipping of your feet inside your sizes when you are in action. With the great stretch-ability, you can fold or curl up these soles and assure highly breathable airflow.

The fabric cover of these insoles is specifically treated to avoid any moisture and reduces the bacteria build-up risk. These soles provide stellar support to your heels and can easily ride out for most demanding activities like basketball. Enjoy ample stability insoles like never before.


Impressively resilient
Minimize the risk of bacteria build-up with high-quality fabric
Extremely lightweight
Pliable and flexible
Highly breathable insoles


Few customers complain about the top layer as cheap foam

5. Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles (Best Cushion Insoles for Basketball)

As the name suggests, these power-packed insoles are designed exclusively to provide exceptional support to your feet. These shoes can handle the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, arch pain, metatarsal pain, and any other heel pain with its superior design. These are made from high-quality light-weighted PU foam to make them compatible with the users of any age.

The built-in arch support and heel cradle provide improved stability and flexible support. These ortho shoes provide exceptional arch support to the knees, making them an ideal choice for basketball players. Their imported USA makes vouch for their excellent quality.

The low profile and ultra-thin design of these insoles make them compatible with most of the shoes. It comes with dual-layer cushioning for extended comfort. These insoles do not require much trimming and can be moved from one shoe to another easily. The heel cradle is specifically provided to offer added support to your feet at the time of impact.


Not required to trim
Additional support with heel cradle
Easily movable from one shoe to another
Made in the USA
Tough arc support for added comfort


Users feel these insoles to be very wide

6. ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

These medium-arched designed insoles are meant to deal with heel pain and flat arches. These soles are just ¾ insert to offer flexible arch support. If you are looking for semi-rigid arch support, these insoles are for you. There are conveniently small inserts with less stiff arch. The nice wide profile of these insoles supports the entire width of the plantar fascia.

Due to the ¾ length profile, no metatarsal pad is provided in these insoles. It let you save the extra room to add an extra metatarsal pad as & when required. The semi-deep heel cup offers support and stability by distributing your bodyweight equally. The gel cushioning technology of these insoles are effective at shock absorbing and prove an excellent comfortable experience.

If you experience pain in your heel area, these insoles are highly recommended for you. The pulling in and out of these insoles is relatively easier. The budgeted price of the insoles make them an ideal choice.


Money-back guarantee by the manufacturer
Clinically tested for relieving pain
Good resilience with the ability to absorb a decent amount of shock
Excellent support from VitaFoam XD
Priced moderately to fit your budget


The arch may misplace at times due to ¾ insert of these insoles
Not meant for the feet with severe overpronation

7. ASTRQLE Unisex Silicone Honeycomb Sports

These excellent insoles are known to alleviate foot pain and are ideal for sports like football and basketball. These also play a message healthcare function. The soft elastic rival air cushion adds a lot of breathability to these insoles. These are highly durable as well.

These soft colloid thick insoles are very light in weight. One of the most powerful insoles, these exceptional insoles come with a spring back feature which gives an excellent jump to your feet. For additional comfort, these insoles come with cushion support. Specifically meant for active feet, these insoles provide great support to your feet without a glitch. [1]

Made from velvet-soft rubber surfaces, these insoles can be easily tailored according to any size.


Ability to stay in place for longer durations
Excellent hold-up
Soft elastic rival air cushion insoles
Light-weight honeycomb cushion soft colloid
Comes with spring back and are most powerful insoles


Lack of cushioning as compared to the gel insoles

8. Superfeet GREEN Insoles (Best Basketball Insoles for Flat Feet)

These highly comfortable insoles are crafted out of synthetic material to handle tremendous pressure and offer extended durability. These insoles retain their original shape for a longer duration and protect your feet with its stabilizer cap. These insoles have the deepest and widest heel cup to absorb the shocks perfectly.

It is capable to provide firmness to your feet by placing your ankles, feet, and knees in the right place. The natural coating of these insoles prevents odor-causing bacteria. If you are suffering from arch pain, common foot pain, or plantar fasciitis, these insoles are for you. Give ultimate comfort to your feet with Green insoles.


Comes with a natural coating to avoid smell-causing bacteria
Perfect choice for the people with flat feet
Plays a vital role as shock absorbant
Made up of highly durable material for great durability


It cannot replace the factory fitted and tighter fit insoles

Best Basketball Insoles [Buying Guide]:

Here are certain factors which you must consider to find the best basketball insoles :

It is essential to have a small space between the end of your big toe and shoes. The absence of this space may lead to friction to your big toe and make you feel uncomfortable while playing.

The insoles must be durable. Spending on low-quality insoles does not make sense. Buy the best quality insoles to make the most out of them.

Right from the material to its make, the insoles must be able to provide ultimate comfort to your feet.

The best insoles can provide ample arch support. The insoles must mimic the contour of your feet to provide even support to your arch.

With firm arch support, the best basketball insoles provide improved alignment to prevent any fatal injury like a stress fracture or plantar fasciitis.

A fatty pad under the heel bone act as a shock absorber. A deep heel cup is meant to keep this fatty pad aligned at the center-position to improve your performance during the game. It can absorb shock efficiently.


To deliver support in multi-direction, most of the basketball insoles are extremely light in weight and supportive. Generally made from EVA or dense plastazote, these insoles provide arch support to the players.

Yes! It is highly recommended to put insoles in your basketball shoes to provide added comfort and stability. These insoles are also helpful in avoiding injuries and the stressful impact of the game on your feet. Basketball insoles are designed to prove good heel cushioning.

Yes, there are performance insoles available in the market which helps you in running faster and creates more explosiveness by letting you jump higher. The first-ever high-performance shoes were presented by VKTRY which comes with excellent agility, reliable speed, and considerable power.

Final Verdict

Basketball insoles are a great way to relieve stress and pain from your feet and boost your performance on the court. With the wide range of insoles available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the best insoles. However, if you can outline the most preferred features which you are looking for, the task of choosing a good pair of basketball in shoes is relatively higher.

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