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Nike Kyrie 6 Triple Black Shoes Review [2023]

Nike Kyrie 6 Triple Black Shoes Review:

The Nike Kyrie 6 Black encourages on-court acceleration with its locked-in support, responsive ride, and grip. The price is too high for a model with some significant flaws.

Who should purchase it?

The Nike Kyrie 6 Black is ideal for guards and wings because of its aggressive traction, responsive midsole, and locked-in support.

The Nike Kyrie 6 is a great performance shoe. It is responsive and quick. It is very responsive and bouncy in the forefoot, yet feels low to the ground. The traction is also amazing. The Kyrie 6 has very few weaknesses. – Kobe Bryant

It is not recommended that you buy it.

If you require a lot of impact protection on the court, don’t buy this shoe. Kevin Durant’s signature shoes may be a good option for high-flyers and big men.

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Receptive, but not for difficult landings

The midsole is not much to discuss. The forefoot has a large Air Zoom Turbo unit that is supposed to respond at all angles. The Air Zoom Turbo unit was enjoyable, but it felt like other forefoot Zoom units that I have played.

The midsole’s rest is just regular Phylon, which is even more disappointing. It isn’t unpleasant, but I would prefer to have some Air Zoom in my heel for landing hard. Overall, the midsole feels responsive and doesn’t feel like it’s sinking in the shoe.

Support locked-in

I have never felt my foot feel unstable or like it was twisting the shoe. Support is provided by the thick mesh upper, snug fit, stiff midsole, and flat wide base. The midfoot strap doesn’t seem necessary to me.

The Nike Kyrie 6 Black is small.

The Kyrie 6 is small, I think. At first glance, it seemed like I had ordered the wrong size. When I play basketball, I usually double my socks. However, the Kyrie 6’s don’t allow me to do that. For a more comfortable fit, I recommend going a half size larger.

Kyrie 6 Triple Black is essential to break in.

The upper’s front is made from a mesh material, while the back is made of swede and has a plastic strap. The upper was stiff for me, and it took me a few sessions to get used to. The fit was much better after I began breaking in the upper.

Kyrie 6 Triple Black has Amazing traction

This Kyrie version is known for its excellent traction. The shoe’s traction is excellent. I have never fallen or felt the need to clean it, even though it had attracted dust.

The outsole has thick groves that run in an artistic, multi-directional pattern. It would be more durable than other basketball shoes because of the reinforced toe and thick traction patterns.

The Kyrie 6 is built to last.

Durable materials are used to make the shoe. It has a rubber toe panel for extra durability, important for people who walk on laid-ups.

The Nike Kyrie 6 is a fashionable, well-designed shoe.

The Kyrie 6 shoe is great-looking and has personal touches. The tongue has Kyrie’s logo, while the outsole bears his signature. The heel counter glows in the dark.

Although it isn’t the best, it works.

The Kyrie 6 is a solid, well-constructed shoe. It doesn’t excel in one area, but it does well in all. Although it retails at $$$, it is not a bad price for such a great shoe. I believe you can find a better shoe for that amount. The Kyrie 6 is a bargain shoe if you can get it for $$.

Additional Benefits of Kyrie 6 Triple Black:

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