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8 Best Basketball Training Equipment In 2023 [Reviewed]

Are you looking for Best Basketball Training Equipment?

Basketball is an intriguing sport that requires concentration and loads of training over the years. Playing Basketball is not easy, players need rigorous training and exceptional skills along with team-work.

Just like any other sport, training is essential. Every little aspect must be taken care of in any sport. In basketball, whether it is dribbling, passing or footwork, every tiny aspect needs to be looked at.

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Everything needs to be better each day for individual growth as a player as well as a team. Undoubtedly, team-work is the most significant aspect to look at in the game of Basketball. Improving your team’s game and training with yourself needs to be given utmost importance to excel.

Training helps you get better at your game and improve the areas of weakness. It also helps enhance the performance of your team, too. In basketball, training with your team is necessary as it is a team-based game. In addition to that, it is needed as it’s a great help for the team to perform better and achieve milestones together.

However, all training cannot be done only with players present. There are specific equipment that are needed while practising as a team that helps in enhancing your game. Training equipment’s help you make training less stressful and give impactful results. Though, with so many available brands and options available, it gets a bit difficult to pick the right one.

So, what are the best basketball training equipment? You need not worry. This article brings to you some of the best basketball equipment available in the market. Mentioned with its features and specifics that help you analyze them in detail. Going in for any of these equipment will help in advancing your team game and make training sessions more intriguing. So, let’s check the products out right away!

Who needs these Types of Equipment?

As mentioned above, training equipment’s help getting better even at the slightest aspects of the game. There are a variety of options available and different equipment’s work in their unique way. However, they are easy to use and suitable for everyone.

Every equipment is designed in a specific way that will meet your requirement with terms to the aspect you want to work on and get better at. It will make you self-sufficient and you will not need a coach around you all the time.

Whether it is working on your dribbling skills or hand-eye coordination, there are specific equipment that will wholly serve your purpose. There are types of equipment for everything. You can conveniently work on yourself as well as train your team with these types of equipment. The main goal of using equipment is to get better in every tiny aspect required and enhance the game delivery to surpass the rest.

However, you need to know what area to focus on if you want your equipment to help you. If you go in for a piece of equipment without seeing its details minutely, you might end up buying the wrong product and not benefit from it. Thus, know what you’re looking out for.

Best Basketball Training Equipments [2023 Reviews]

1. ShotSquare Basketball Training Shooting Aid

This Basketball equipment does wonders by improving your shooting style. It puts your arm on a 90-degree angle that brings your forearm into a proper position. You no longer will have blocked shots once you begin to train with this equipment. Along with helping you with achieving the perfect shot, this equipment also enhances your shooting speed. It discards dipping of the ball that gives you an instantaneous shot.

The Innovo ShortSquare Shooting Aid is comfortable to wear and doesn’t hamper your performance. Simply wear the aid on either arm as per your convenience. You must attach the aid on your arm and then take a shot from your elbow.

You will also improve your shoot arc as you keep training and observing how your arc looks. The aid helps you from going too far backwards and helps the rest of the players know your position. It also helps keep the ball at a safe distance and not far or too near.

If you’re looking for basketball shooting training equipment that will enhance your jump shot and arm position, this basketball equipment is a perfect choice.



Comfortable to wear
Improves shooting arc
Keeps the ball at safe distance
Does not hamper performance
Enhances shooting speed


Might get habituated
If not used properly, could hurt yourself

2. Penn Championship Tennis Balls

The very first reaction you will have is, why would a tennis ball be counted as basketball equipment? How will it help?

But, it does help in improving your basketball game. The main reason you can use this Penn Championship Tennis Ball as a piece of basketball equipment is to enhance your hand-eye coordination. How is that possible?

A tennis ball has several drills in which it can be bounced and thrown to improve your coordination. You can easily enhance your regular dribbling skill by performing it on this tennis ball. Dribbling with a basketball is relatively simple and doesn’t give you a good impact if you want to take your dribbling to another level.

Along with your dribbling speed, your hand-eye coordination will be advanced to a greater level as dribbling requires loads of concentration and focus. Improving your hand-eye coordination will further lead to betterment in your shoot and pass form too.

Dribbling with a tennis ball helps you achieve a no-look dribble that makes you way better at ball handling on the basketball court. This tennis ball can be used on any kind of surface and anywhere. So, training anywhere is easy.

Go in for this cheap basketball training equipment even though it is not directly related to basketball, and enhance your performance.



Reduced cracking
Best for playing fetch
Marked balls
No-look dribble


Too heavy

3. Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Rubber Basketball

Every Basketball player needs to have a good shot throw from any range. This Baden Basketball is a heavy-weight training ball. Several official basketballs weigh half of this Basketball alone.

The question that comes here is, how will such a heavy-weight basketball help?

Training and practising with a heavy ball like this will make you stronger physically with improving your shooting skills. By training with this ball, you will be able to shoot the ball from any range with ease. Available in two different sizes, One model weighs 36-40 ounces and is 28.5 inches. The second one weighs 40-45 ounces and is 29.5 inches.

Along with improving your shot performance, this ball enhances your ball handling performance as well. It also helps to strengthen wrists, forearms as well as your fingers.

You need not worry about the durability of such a heavy ball, as it has outer rubber coverage.

You can go ahead and use this ball outdoors as well as indoor courts.

If you’re looking for basketball shooting training equipment, that helps you with your shot performance along with physical strength as well, then, this Baden Heavy Trainer Basketball fits in rightly.



Stealth soft valve system
Symmetrically balanced
Can be played both indoor and outdoor
Advanced microfiber
Heavy weight basketball


No cushioned control
No flex composite cover material

4. Unique Sports Dribble Specs Basketball Training Aid

Basketball is an intriguing sport. Just like any other sport, it requires a lot of concentration. However, for a beginner or an advanced basketball player, the hardest part is to dribble the ball without looking at the ball. To dribble without looking down at the ball is undoubtedly the most crucial part of playing the sport though it is essential.

How is this useful for Basketball dribbling?

As you train to wear these glasses, your lower part vision will be completely blocked out. It will make it difficult for you to look down at the ball and force you to train without looking down using your senses to the fullest.

It has a unique design and is very easy to wear. The adjustable feature helps you irrespective of how large or small your head is, it will give you a perfect fit. You need to worry about it hampering your shooting or passing performance. The plastic used in these glasses is skin-sensitive and makes it very comfortable to wear for long hours of training too.

These specs fall perfect as the best basketball training gear that enhances your dribble if you’re starting or you want to improve your game.



Helps with passing
One size fit most
Helps with dribbling
Easy to wear
Helps with ball handling


Discomfortable at first
Will get foggy in humid weather

5. Yes4All Agility Ladder – Speed Agility Training Ladder

A sport like Basketball requires concentration along with agility. Basketball involves a lot of dribbling and running around the court. It needs a lot of changing directions, making harp cuts with the opponents, and having the instant presence of mind to pass the ball at the correct time.

In addition to the agility, you need to have sharp and quick footwork. Whether you’re at a beginner’s level or an advanced level, working on your footwork is helpful. Often footwork training is neglected and then the usage of an Agility Ladder is brought to light.

This Yes4All Agility Ladder helps you to improve your agility and footwork that enhances your game performance. Improving your footwork will automatically lead to better agility. Training on this ladder will make your footwork faster.

The ladder can be used for heavy-duty as it is made of durable plastic and with nylon rubber. Being completely adjustable with different levels, it enhances the way you want to workout depending on the intensity. It also comes along with a carry bag that helps you to port it anywhere and you can easily train with it anytime anywhere.

Go in for this Agility Ladder if you want basketball training equipment to improve your agility and footwork performance further leading to the betterment in your gaming performance.



Adjustable length
Enhances speed and acceleration
Best for speed and agility training
Maximum Versatility
Lightweight and compact


No additional nylon webbing to secure the ladder
Brittle plastic and easily breakable

6. FIGROL Vertical Bounce Trainer Leg Resistance Bands

For every sport, you need to have an amount of physical strength. Using this resistance band helps you to improve your leg muscle strength. In addition to that, it builds your chest strength, speed and agility, too.

In basketball, you need to be explosive even if you’re soaring for a rebound or attacking the rim. Using and training with resistance bands helps you enhance your explosiveness. By training with resistance bands, you will strengthen your muscles by pushing it harder and forcing it to work more. Once you relax back you will feel the strain and find the difference effectively.

The FIG ROLL resistance bands come as a good option resistance bands considering they come with a strong latex tube that has soft latex and rubber material that gives you total comfort. It is easily adjustable, and you can use the bands as per your convenience. Along with enhancing your basketball game, these bands will also help you generally without much effort.

If you’re looking for an easy to use and effective basketball training equipment that improves your gameplay, go in for these resistance bands and build your physical strength, too.



Suitable for height of 5.4’ to 6.2’
Best for weight training
Natural Rubber Latex
Improves the speed
Enhances the strength


Not for too short people below 5.4’
Can hurt oneself if not used properly

7. SKLZ Dribble Stick Adjustable Height Basketball Dribble Trainer

To improve your dribbling skill, you can go in for this dribble stick and not be disappointed at all. This improves your hand-positioning and speed too. It can easily be used at the beginner player level as well as the advanced player level.

This dribble stick is connected to four smaller arms which are further connected to the centre post. It also comes with easily adjustable arms that give you a wide number of drills to perform for ball control.

Once you begin to use this dribble stick, you will easily get into a game-like-situation where you are dodging the ball from a defender who is trying to snatch the ball away from you.

The arm positioning will develop as you start training with this dribble stick. In addition to improving your dribbling, the dribble stick will enhance your speed and stance too.

The dribble stick is durable enough as it has an aluminium centre post which maintains a sturdy base. This can be portable anywhere and used as you like.

If you’re looking out for a basketball training equipment that improves your coordination along with agility, go in for this dribble stick without a second thought.



Easy set-up
Increases player’s agility
Great for coaches and players
Adjustable arms
Very portable


Arms might be easily breakable
Can be pricey

8. Jay Wolfs Basketball Shooting Strap Training Aid

For beginners who are starting and are new to the game, this basketball training equipment is perfect for them. It is known as a short trainer and specifically designed to perfect your shooting form. This shooting strap helps you with your shooting performance and helps you take more shots with total accuracy.

This shooting strap was designed by a shooting coach named Jay Wolfs. This strap is easy to wear and fits in both your arms easily. The main job of this strap is to prevent wrist rotation and keep it sturdy, making it easy for you to shoot without any hindrance.

Designed so detailly that it rectifies different shooting styles done by two-hands. Within two weeks of training, your shooting performance and accuracy will improve. This strap also helps you in strengthening your non-dominant arm by practising layups.

The shooting strap has a one-size fit that fits everyone comfortably. It is made of high-quality fabric that is suitable for everyone and is widely used by coaches as well as players.

So, if you are looking for effective basketball equipment that works on your shooting style as well as pays attention to your non-dominant arm, then this Jay Wolfs Shooting Strap is the right pick.



Perfect the one-hand release
Improves accuracy and form
Develops shooting form
Score from two hands
One size fit all


Not suited for children below 10
Discomfortable at first

Best Basketball Training Equipments [Buying Guide]

Loved every basketball training equipment we laid out for you? And still confused which is the best one for you? That’s all right ‘coz we got you covered once again. Here are a few factors to consider while buying a basketball training equipment:

One of the most important factors to consider before buying a training equipment is to find which component of the game needs to be improved. You don’t have to have each equipment, you choose the best equipment according to your requirement. [1]

Let’s say that one training equipment is used to improve ball handling, another one is used to improve physical health and some other is used to improve shooting skills. Now what do you need to improve? Ask yourself this very question and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to think this through before buying just any equipment.

We are not going to tell you what price range you should fix for the equipment here, because pricing is very subjective. Just make sure you get the quality of what you pay for.

Don’t just go for a really cheap equipment without even looking at its features. Do your research on what component you need to improve, filter out which equipment can fulfill your requirement, read reviews and then decide the price range and go for it.

Everything that glitters isn’t gold. There are going to be a few equipment that would do probably nothing that they claim.

To avoid this mishap and save you some time, the list provided to you has some of the best basketball training equipment that are value for money as well as do what they claim. You can totally depend on us for the reviews which will give you an idea as to how much you can rely on the product.

FAQ’s about Basketball Training Equipment:

The Baden heavy basketball weighs around 1 to 1.2 pounds. One of the best equipment to help you get hold of gripping the basketball tight during playing.

In comparison to the other products, the Penn basketball equipment and the Unique specs dribble equipment are the cheapest. They are also one of the best basketball training equipment, the Penn being an officially used brand.

Yes. All this equipment comes with easy-to-handle features that even a 10-year-old kid can use. There are instructions on how to use it as well. Remember that these tools have been designed targeting its customers who aim at honing their skills at basketball playing.

Final Verdict

When you begin to train with the right type of equipment, it helps in improving your gameplay. Above mentioned are some of the best basketball equipment available. Picking a training aid that suits perfectly is indeed necessary. Once you know what area you need to work on and what aid you are looking for, it makes it easier to choose the right training aid.

After getting the right training equipment, train hard and get better at your gameplay by putting in maximum effort. If you follow everything diligently, you will easily spot the positive changes and enhance your performance.

So, go ahead and make the right choice.

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