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— January 4th 2018

An Autopsy of the Miami Heat’s failing offense

The Miami Heat need help offensively, and they may not be able to find it within their current roster. “Continuity” was one of the most used words among Miami Heat associates this season, as they attempted to justify and promote their off-season. The Miami Heat’s 2016-17 was a true Jekyll and Hyde campaign, as they […]

– joehulbert
— January 3rd 2018

Finding a Bigger Offensive Role for Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum has shown that he is capable of handling a bigger load in the Boston Celtics’ offense. But, placing the rookie in a higher role may not be so easy. Media members and fans who follow the Boston Celtics long for a more prominent offensive role for Jayson Tatum. The 19-year-old small forward has […]

– Danny Emerman
— December 30th 2017

The Baseline: 2017 NBA review and resolutions for 2018

The Breakdown: We review all the crazy story lines from 2017 including: Phil Jackson vs Carmelo Anthony Derrick Rose goes missing DeMarcus Cousins traded to New Orleans Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook Kyrie Irving asks out of Cleveland Chris Paul to the Rockets and more We also make some New Year’s resolutions for teams like […]

– shawsports
— December 28th 2017

Thunder Big 3: Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Oklahoma City is rolling, and the NBA is finally seeing what the Thunder can do. By David Brandon Just a short month ago, Russell Westbrook sat on the bench with his head down, crushed, in an iconic moment of the Thunder season. The Thunder had just gotten beaten by a bad Orlando Magic team that […]

– David Brandon
— December 28th 2017

Welcome to the NBA, Maxi Kleber

The German big man has grown into a useful player for the Dallas Mavericks. By Lance Roberson When the Dallas Mavericks signed Maxi Kleber (pronounced Max-ee Klee-buh) this past July it barely made for any real reaction. It was just another meh signing for a franchise that was once known for chasing the seemingly uncatchable […]

– lance972
— December 25th 2017

What to Watch for on the NBA Christmas Day Slate

What sticks out from each of the NBA’s five Christmas Day games? By Dylan Hughes Welcome to the best day of the year. Not only do we get to spend time with family and open gifts, we get five NBA games! This year we get five very intriguing games, with every team either currently in […]

– Dylan Hughes
— December 25th 2017

Christmas Day Game Is A Good Test For Slower-Paced Warriors

The injury to Stephen Curry punctuated his affect on the Dub’s pace. Now as the Warriors learn to adjust to a slower pace they do so with a view to utilizing lessons learned in the half court dominate post season. By: Carlos Murillo Last June, the Cleveland Cavaliers played with fire and they got burned. […]

– Tamberlyn Richardson
— December 20th 2017

The Utah Jazz: JIngles All the Way

In the midst of an injury crisis and roster upheaval, Joe Ingles is once again one of the most important players on the Utah Jazz. By Paul Headley The Utah Jazz haven’t been just snake-bitten by injuries the last few years: they’ve had cobra venom in their eyes and an anaconda slowly choking them unconscious. […]

– Paul Headley