7 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2021

Are you looking for best basketball shoes for wide feet? Not being able to find shoes of an appropriate size to be worn for playing your favourite sport can be heart-breaking. As awful as it may sound, this situation is quite common and occurs with many people. Those who have wide feet often face the … Read more

7 Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes To Buy In 2021

most comfortable basketball shoes

Are you looking for the most comfortable basketball shoes? While it is not mandatory to wear basketball shoes while playing basketball, it is highly recommended to minimize the strain in your ankles. As most basketball shoes are high-ankle, they ensure the proper support and grip to your feet to play enthusiastically. As you play, you … Read more



It is rightly said, ‘Give a person the right pair of shoes and he can conquer the world!’, speaking of which, our search for the best outdoor basketball shoes has led us here. Let’s have a brief look at its significance and history first. The most essential thing for a professional athlete is his footwear … Read more