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TOP 5 Best Basketball Referee Shoes [2024 Reviews]

Best Basketball Referee Shoes:

Although referees may not be the first person that comes to mind when thinking about athletic footwear for women, they do need shoes. Officials must be able to move freely around the court to make critical calls at key moments.

It can be hard to choose the best basketball referee shoes. However, choosing the proper footwear is as important as attending rules interpretation meetings for the average official.

When making this choice, there’re many factors to consider, such as comfort, width, durability, and overall comfort.

Although choosing the color for your referee shoes is simple – they must all be black – there is more to a shoe that looks good than its appearance.

We’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market.

The 5 Best Rated Basketball Referee Shoes [2024 Reviews]

1. HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi 6 Running Shoe [Best Rated]

HOKA ONE ONE is an athletic shoe company founded in France in 2009 and now resides in California. They make running shoes with maximum cushioning, wide soles, and lightweight materials.

The Men’s Bondi 6 running shoes are the most cushioned in their road-shoe range. A full-length EVA midsole provides cushioning, while a padded innersole cushions the impact.

The upper is made from mesh, which allows for maximum breathability and comfort. The rubber outsole provides outstanding traction with its deeply etched patterns. All this in a light package that doesn’t restrict your movement.

The Meta-Rocker is perhaps the most prominent running shoe from Bondi. The Meta-Rocker is a unique shape that lowers the height between the heel and the toe, and it’s designed to propel runners forward.

You can expect a smooth transition while you chase down the quick basketball players to keep you in the middle of the action.

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2. Under Armour Men’s Charged Rogue Running Shoe

Low-top, lightweight shoe with a mesh upper. This shoe is one of the most affordable in this range. However, it does not compromise on comfort and support.

Micro G and Charged cushioning are combined in the midsole. Micro G was the cushioning technology that Under Armour used to create the first basketball shoes. These two are Under Armour’s top cushioning technologies.

They are light, shock-absorbing, and very responsive. A solid rubber outsole gives you great traction on court. An external heel counter helps keep your back in place. The shoe will stay secure on your foot while you chase the fastbreak player. You can remove the sockliner to use your inserts.

The shoes run small, so I suggest that you order half of your standard size.

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3. ASICS Men’s GT-1000 8 Shoes

ASICS is best known for its running shoes. The GT-1000 8 running shoes for men are lightweight, responsive, and offer excellent stability.

FlyteFoam in the midsole provides excellent bounce and responsiveness for each step, and it doesn’t feel heavy. FlyteFoam weighs 55% less than standard foam.

It features the Impact Guidance System Technology (IGS), which combines several ASICS technologies, including the TRUSSTIC technology at the sole for stability and better motion control.

The DuoMax Support System can counter overpronation and provide firm cushioning to the foot arch.

The mesh upper offers excellent breathability and a snug fit. For outstanding durability, the outsole is made of ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

This shoe’s sockliner can be removed so that you can wear your orthotics comfortably.

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4. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV shoes provide support for your feet without compromising comfort. The leather upper has strategically placed perforations that allow for breathability. It is easy to put on and takedown with the heel pull tab and mesh tongue of the shoe.

The midsole is made from Phylon foam with a full-length, encapsulated AirSole unit. Phylon is a compressed EVA that was heated, expanded, and then cooled in a mold. These two technologies combine to ensure your feet are protected from shocks.

These materials are light and responsive. The rubber outsole provides excellent grip on different surfaces and is durable.

This low-top shoe comes in an all-black version. It has a classic, clean look.

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5. 3N2 Men’s Reaction Basketball Referee Officials Shoe [Best Shoes for Basketball Officials]

3N2 is an athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer that specializes in high-performance sport’s shoes. It is located in Orlando, Florida. Reaction’s Basketball Referee Officials Shoes, also known as REF VX1, is one of few shoes made specifically for officials on hardcourt.

The Micro Fabric patent leather upper is used. This unique material is durable and resistant to wear. It stands out from the sea of mesh and regular leather shoes. Patent leather can be effortlessly polished and will look great in any game. The shoes are secured to your feet with a lace-up closing.

The EVA midsole is lightweight and compression-molded and absorbs shock well. It also reduces stress on your knees and joints when you stand for long periods.

The rubber outsole provides traction and non-marking protection, allowing you to run across the court effortlessly. The REF VX1 shoe is lightweight at only eight ounces. It is also recommended for volleyball referees.

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How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Referee?

These are some of the things you need to consider as a referee when selecting a referee shoe.


Comfort should be the number one priority for basketball referees. Remember that you will be on the court for at least 48 minutes (professional league match-time).

Uncomfortable shoes can impact how you play the game. To determine if shoes are comfortable, look at the insole and upper of the shoe.

Shoes can also be equipped with exclusive technology, which they claim increases comfort. To verify if these claims are true, look for reviews.


Basketball games can be very long, so referees cannot sub out. They will remain on the court throughout the entire game.

At the end of each quarter, at halftime, and during timeouts, there are breaks. Your shoes will still be worn throughout the game.

Shoes that last for one to two seasons are essential.

A broken pair of shoes is not a good idea for officiating in a game. If you are on the safe side, bring another pair of shoes.

You should look for durable materials, but remember that they also need to be comfortable.
The referee for basketball overseeing a game in the recommended shoes


You should be able to officiate in higher leagues if you follow the proper shoe guidelines. Refereeing in NCAA and NBA is as easy as wearing all-black shoes.

The Color

The color of a referee shoe for basketball is one of its most essential features. Shoes must be black and have no markings. If you find a great shoe with logos or other markings, you can remove them or apply your paint. It is vital to get shoes in a solid black color.

The Upper

The upper is the portion of the shoe above the sole. An upper should be shaped to fit your foot. An upper should not chafe or bind in any way. Look for material that is smooth and breathable.

Ankle Collar

The shoe’s ankle collar wraps around your ankle. An ankle collar should not restrict your movement but support your Achilles tendon and ankle. To avoid chafing your legs, you should steer clear of shoes with an ankle collar that slides too far.


This is the area of your shoe that touches the court or floor. An outsole should provide good traction and support while still being flexible enough not to restrict your movements. For added stability when running, you should look for an outsole that has a similar footprint to yours.

Flex Grooves

Running shoes usually have grooves underneath the ball of your foot that allow the shoe to bend with your feet. Although a good flex groove is not essential, it can help you make your job easier.


If you’re looking for a brand worthy of your trust when it comes to basketball, Adidas or Nike would be the best.
ASICS and New Balance have recently entered the basketball market with robust footwear options.

Brand consciousness is a positive thing when it comes to choosing referee basketball sneakers.

The shoes by Nike and Adidas are pretty expensive, we’re sure. These manufacturers offer exceptional quality, support, and durability.

So, if you’re looking for long-term investments, we recommend cross-trainers from Nike or Adidas. ASICS can also be considered.

Right Size

The right size basketball referee shoes work like magic.

This option is often overlooked by referees when selecting footwear. Referees often get small-sized shoes that will either rip or not provide the comfort they expect.

Shoes with large sizes can cause blisters and sloppiness if you need to move quickly.

We recommend that you measure your foot in a local shoe shop before buying footwear.

It will take some time, but it will be worth it. It is what it is.

Proper Air Circulation:

Indirectly, air circulation refers to breathing ability.

We have observed that not enough people care about this feature. It does have an impact on the overall movement.

Imagine wearing shoes that have no air channels. What happens after a while? You’ll find your feet and socks soaking wet, and you won’t be able to move with agility or proper balance.

It sounds absurd, right?

It is essential to examine the construction of your upper. It doesn’t matter if it’s made of synthetic and mesh.

If you are looking to buy leather shoes, make sure the upper is visible with perforations. This will allow for air circulation.

You’ll feel more comfortable refereeing basketball games.

Strong grip:

Referees, just like basketball players, must make quick movements. Shoes with poor grip are not suitable for this.

Poor grip shoes can cause slips and can injure your legs and calves.

Referee shoes must have strong traction. We recommend basketball shoes that have a durable rubber outsole with a unique grooved pattern.

FAQs [Best Basketball Referee Shoes]:

Which are the best referee shoes for basketball?

Referees should only wear shoes that support the feet and are comfortable enough to be worn indoors or outdoors. The Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers are our recommendation. This footwear has been proven to last and keep your feet as comfortable as they can.

What shoes do NBA referees use?

Official NBA rules require that referees follow them. This means that they must wear black basketball shoes. Shoes must not have any trademarks or logos. Keep these points in mind when choosing the ASICS GT-1000 8, for official NBA referees.

Which referee is the best in the NBA?

Every year, the NBA publishes a list of top-performing referees. According to official statistics, James Capers is the top performer with 209.143 Total points per game. James played an essential role in ensuring that the NBA matches were fair and impartial between some of the most fiercely contested basketball players.


Referees for basketball need to look after their feet like an athlete because they run a lot during the game.

It is recommended that you get the best basketball referee footwear for maximum comfort, balance, grip, and breathability.

Last but not least, we want to mention the winner of the Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers. These shoes are ideal for referees who have difficulty moving quickly onto the court due to tired feet muscles.

These will help you improve your game management skills.

Check out other models here.

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