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10 Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation [2024 Reviewed]

Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation 2024:

Millions of people are affected by overpronation. This refers to excessive rolling of your foot inwards as you land. This can be a problem if you play basketball. You will be running and jumping a lot.

Overpronators often have low arches. Because flat-footed people often have similar issues, it is worth checking out our top basketball shoes for flat feet article.

You can look at the wear on your shoes’ soles to determine if you suffer from overpronation. This could be why your shoe has more wear on the inside.

Today we’ll be looking at the Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation. We will also discuss other options that can help reduce the harmful and painful effects.

You should ensure that your basketball shoes are lightweight and have a thin sole. You can also consider running shoes that are made for this condition. A special pair of insoles is another option to reduce your overpronation.

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How to Buy The Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation?

It’s not necessary to rush the purchase. These tips are essential to remember before you buy.

Top Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation:

1. Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct

Fly weave technology is combined with TPU to create the upper. This results in shoes that have durability, lightness, breathability, and support.

The Kobe Mamba Instinct offers excellent lockdown and ankle support. The Drop-in Lunarlon midsole protects your feet from impact and provides you with excellent cushioning.

These shoes have a rubber outsole that provides a multi-directional grip and prevents slippage.

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2. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe

The Under Armour lockdown 5, one of the most popular choices for overpronation, is the Under Armour lockdown 5.

The basketball shoes feature a synthetic upper, which gives them a responsive fit and a quick look. The sock liner is super-breathable and provides additional cushioning and support.

Lockdown 5 features an injection-molded midsole, which provides lightweight support and excellent cushioning. The Lockdown 5’s rubber outsole has adaptive traction and provides a multi-level grip on all courts.

Under Armour Lockdown 5 features EVA features. The shoe’s sock liner is made of EVA, and the midsole has an EVA sole. EVA is a great shoe material due to its superior water resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, shock absorption, and insulation.

Lockdown 5 comes with an injection-molded EVA middle sole. This midsole is designed to provide a responsive and light ride for players. This cushioning technology offers you excellent comfort at a reasonable price.

The UA lockdown 5 basketball sneakers have a molded synthetic upper, which provides a supportive and responsive fit. Perforated leather panels allow for increased airflow.

Under Armour Lockdown 5 is a great basketball shoe. This shoe not only offers comfort for your feet but also provides support and flexibility.

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3. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Dame 5 is ultra-breathable, flexible, and comfortable due to its mesh upper region.

Bounce cushioning technology serves two functions. On the one hand, it gives you high bounces, and on the second, it applies shock uniformly to all areas of your shoes. This provides enhanced impact protection.

The lacing system ensures that these shoes lockdown well. These shoes provide excellent arch support, and they have outriggers that prevent ankle rolling.

You don’t need to worry about traction. It features one of the most traction patterns, the herringbone traction pattern on the outsole.

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4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 13 Running Shoes:

This shoe was specifically made for people with overpronation. This shoe is trendy among runners. If you’re a basketball player, it might be worth a try. It can provide you with relief while running.

The best basketball shoes for feet have a full-length gel cushion to protect you from any impact on your foot. Although the shoe is snug, it still allows for enough space.

The sole is DuoMax, which provides stability and support. ComforDry socks liner provides breathability. The EVA midsole provides stability and support.

These best casual basketball shoes protect your ankle and ensure that it performs at its peak. The rubber soles of these shoes are incredibly agile and provide a tight grip, allowing you to perform the most difficult maneuvers without any problems.

This is the ASICS Men’s Best Basketball Shoe for Overpronation.

It is ideal for people with overpronation. Because of its comfort and anti-overpronating capabilities, it could be worn every day.

Asics Gel Foundation 13 was designed for people who are overpronators or use custom orthotics. These basketball shoes have enough cushioning to be used as a trainer and support wider feet. Comfortable midsoles will help you move smoothly, while the breathable upper will keep your feet cool.

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5. Air Jordan 34

These shoes have lightweight and have an excellent upper. They provide excellent flexibility, support, and breathability.

Zoom Air cushioning technology is known for its incredible impact protection, court feel, and responsive cushioning.

These shoes offer great support and lockdown. These shoes protect your ankles and support your arches. These shoes have a wide, stable base that enhances the support and stability of your feet.

The rubber outsole Jordan 34 features a multi-directional, durable herringbone traction pattern. This ensures that you will never feel a decrease in grip.

6. PEAK Men’s Basketball Shoes

It’s very affordable and has a great feature that will provide comfort throughout the day.

The cushion they provide is incredible. Peak’s core cushioning technology is highlighted, and the midsole provides exceptional cushioning and new levels of comfort on the court.

The Peak surface technology gives the upper good flexibility and energy support. For incredible comfort, the adaptive structure of this upper surface allows for a more precise fit.

The durable rubber outsole of this shoe features a herringbone pattern that provides excellent multidirectional traction. It also offers enhanced responsiveness and impact protection.

This versatile basketball shoe is excellent for guards and big men. The shoe’s hard rubber outsole and sticky traction are durable enough to withstand the elements.

7. Nike Lebron 10

Lebron 10’s upper features three layers and a compression bootie. This makes the shoe light-weighted.

Lebron 10 has no lace, but its lockdown is excellent, which boosts the shoe’s support. Nike Zoom Air cushioning technology provides high bounces and protection from shocks.

While the rubber outsole provides good grip, the shoes’ multi-directional traction pattern effectively improves the traction.

8. Nike Air Overplay IX

The synthetic upper makes these shoe sturdy. It is also very lightweight, breathable, and provides arch support for the players.

Air Overplay IX requires no break-in and the padded collar with padded tongue and padded collar provide excellent support for the ankles and comfort for the user.

The shoes feature a great cushioning system in Nike Air technology, offering excellent bounces and protection against impact.

These shoes are traction-rich and feature an excellent traction pattern, i.e., The herringbone traction pattern gives you perfect grip throughout the game.

9. Nike Zoom Evidence

The Nike Zoom Evidence is the nineth selection on our shoe list. It has a beautiful appearance and comes with nice color combinations.

These shoes’ uppers are lightweight composite material, which provides high breathability, durability, and anatomical support for the players.

These shoes are true to size. The Flywire integrated with the lacing system ensures that the shoe is locked down.

These shoes feature a high collar, which provides excellent support for your ankles. They also have a foam heel pad to prevent you from slipping during games.

You will enjoy a comfortable ride and responsive cushioning with the Phylon midsole and forefoot Zoom air unit.

Superior court grip is possible due to the durable rubber outsole incorporated with an aggressive herringbone pattern for traction.

10. Under Armour Curry 3

The upper is Threadbone and provides high strength and breathability. The asymmetrical lacing system ensures that these shoes fit perfectly and lockdown well.

Curry 3 comes with a Meta-Wing carbon fiber shank, which provides the players with arch, heel, and midfoot stability.

UA Curry 3 comes with charged cushioning, which provides you with a lot of cushioning, excellent responsiveness, and reasonable impact protection.

Curry 3’s multi-directional herringbone tread pattern and durable rubber outsole provide excellent grip and stability on the court surface.

How to tell if you are an overpronator?

Dr. Avanti Redkar DPM acknowledges that “overpronation” is not always obvious. People take their running or walking style for granted. A foot and ankle specialist can analyze your gait, but you can also determine what to do at home.

It is essential to measure your arch height. Overpronators tend to have flat feet and flexible arches. It is essential to pay attention to the messages your shoes are giving you.

If your shoes have a lot of wear at the bottom, such as the ball and heel of your foot, leading to the big toe and the ball of your foot, then you might be an overpronator.

Here’s what Dr. Hamid Sadri says you can expect if you visit a specialist. “An examination of the pelvis and hip, knee, ankle, and foot ranges along with at least one lunge and a sit test to examine other elements such as force production, force distribution, stability, and balance.”

The Negative Effects Of Overpronation

David Levine, DPM, and CPed write in Podiatry Today that “everyone pronates, everyone supinates.” Lower extremity problems are determined by how often and when they occur.

Overpronation can cause problems that range from minor to severe. These include:

Arch collapse:

When your arch flattens, your feet slide forward in your shoes. This friction can cause blisters and calluses. Your toes can strike the ends of your shoes while hiking, causing blisters and discomfort.

Plantar Fasciitis:

Constant arch elongation stresses connective tissue (plantar facia) at the bottom of your feet. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects one in 10 people. It can be extremely painful and debilitating.


Everyone wants to make the most of their efforts. You’re wasting energy if each step is inefficient.

Pain in the Kinetic Chain. Your kinetic chain refers to the sequence of joints affected by a specific motion. Rolling in your foot can cause pain by twisting your ankles, knees, and hips.

How do I correct overpronation?

Overpronation correction is much easier than you think. A shoe that provides stability and support is essential for runners. It’s easier than ever to find the right shoe. To ensure your arch is supported correctly, you will need to add insoles to compensate for overpronation.

Runner’s World editors point out that stability in running shoes used to be a strict approach to correcting pronators’ strides. Stability shoes are now less harsh. They don’t fix your gait. Instead, they improve your running comfort and lower your chance of injury.

What are the Best Overpronation Insoles for You?

The power of the nat is in your pronation. Proper alignment requires firm support from overpronation insoles. There are two options: custom orthotics or non-prescription insoles that provide firm arch support.

Custom orthotics:

These are ideal for those with complex, clinical issues. However, they can be expensive. Make sure you do your research and find the right orthotic supplier.

Non-prescription insoles:

Many over-the-counter insoles don’t offer the firm support needed to reduce pronation. Your arch is not the same as any other. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid trying to fit everyone. Insoles that are best for overpronation will offer arch support and multiple arch height options.

There is an easy way to fix overpronation. You can improve your alignment and efficiency with every step by adding overpronation soles to your shoes.


Each pair has its advantages and drawbacks. The best basketball shoes for overpronation are unique and have many features. It’s up to you to decide what is most important.

My personal preference is that a good basketball shoe should be combined with an insole to help overpronators. If you are looking for a specifically made shoe to treat this condition, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 13 will work well.

The shoe list is one of the best on the market. I recommend you go through it carefully and choose the one that suits you best.

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