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7 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support In 2024 [Reviewed]

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support?

If you are an ardent basketball player, you must understand the relevance of basketball shoes for ankle support to avoid abrupt injury while playing ferociously. An ankle sprain is common in the game with vicious crossover.

However, the risk of injury can be considerably reduced by providing extended support to your ankle with these shoes. These shoes help restrict the excessive movement of your ankle and extend the stability to your feet.

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Why is ankle support necessary for the game?

During any football match, your ankle has too much to handle. It is more likely to get sprained or injured during aggressive movements at the game. Hence, it becomes necessary to have considerable ankle support to avoid any injury.

Most of the basketball players use to support such a tape around their ankle to avoid this. High-top shoes are useful to provide good support to the ankle and avoid any injury.

Ankle braces are another important external support which effectively limits the motions and supports the ankle at aggressive movements.

Should you wear ankle support while running?

If you are noticing any instability in your ankles, including pain or swelling, it is highly recommended to wear ankle support. You can easily wear basketball shoes for ankle support all day long to provide good support to your ankles and avoid sprain.

Ankle Braces Vs Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

Ankle support is very lightweight and slender to ensure the efficient feet movement. They are also responsible to improve the interaction between ground and foot. However, ankle braces immobilize the feet and are crafted from rigid fabric.

Ankle braces are highly recommended when you encounter some sprain or injury in your ankles. It is not advisable to wear them in the long run as they highly restrict your ankle movement. However, you can wear ankle support basketball shoes, in the long run, to support your ankle in all the activities. However, in case of injury, wearing these shoes only is not a good remedy.

Now we have understood the importance of ankle support basketball shoes and how they are compatible to wear long days, we have short-listed the best basketball shoes for ankle support in this article.

Are Basketball shoes good for ankle support?

Yes, high-top basketball shoes provide considerable support to your ankle and efficiently avoid any excessive sprain during aggressive play. It is a recommended way to preserve your foot from any unwanted pain or injury while playing in the court. But, if you are already encountering some swelling or pain around your ankle, these shoes will not be of much help except to provide some support to your ankle.

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support and Knee Support [2024 Reviews]

1. Adidas Dame 5

Adidas is counted among the top-notch brands for its exquisite sports apparel range and this time it is not an exception. The herringbone traction present in these shoes from heel to toe makes this pair one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

There are two material options as mesh and leather. You can choose mesh textile if you prefer lightweight shoes. But the leather version offers more consistency. If you have wider feet, the exceptional forefront of these shoes makes them an ideal deal for you. The shoes have amazing lockdown and exceptional traction. X`

These shoes are designed specifically to keep the dust away from its outsoles with thick pattern lines which are spaced quite far. The rubber and traction of these shoes are translucent. These shoes are reliable for outdoor courts.

Overall, these shoes are quite responsive and bouncy. If you are a hooper who is looking for good basketball shoes for ankle support, this one’s for you!


Excellent grip with its rubber outsole
Comes in leather and mesh to choose from
Responsive cushioning with quick guards
Affordable pricing
An all-rounder performer


The rubber outsole turns slippery on the dusty ground
Colour choices are not that great

2. Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 (for youth too)

Another great offering from Adidas for the ones who are looking for lop top basketball shoes for ankle support. Resembling its previous release in the series, the new edition of these shoes are innovative with design. Designed exclusively for basketball courts, these shoes promise the best grip to its wearer to make exceptional crossover at the court.

Mesh textile used in crafting these shoes is made from Thermoplastic polyurethane-coated fibers which ensure the extended durability of these shoes.

These shoes are very lightweight and come with the rubber outsole with an aggressive tread pattern that holds your feet fast to the court during running. The efficient design of these shoes distributes your body weight to the entire shoes to maintain a great balance.

The exceptional design of these shoes offers great efficiency and stability. The strong design of these shoes upkeeps the performance of the player. These shoes hug your feet comfortably and are perfect for extended ankle support.


High top style with its attractive design
Wide range of colors to choose from
Exceptional performance with bounce cushioning
Available in leather and mesh as textiles to choose from
Breathable upper mesh


Not appropriate for people with wide feet
Responding to controls takes time
NZXT servers receive information through Software

3. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

These are one of the best lightweight basketball shoes with commendable ankle support to offer. Adidas as a brand is known for offering the best sports apparel with amazing quality and great durability. From its stylish make to the extreme comfort it offers, these shoes can go with you anywhere and anytime.

Equipped with TPU technology, these shoes promise excellent support to your heels and ankles. These shoes add a boost to your jump rate and take the basket easily. Overall, highly responsive shoes are extremely lightweight. These shoes work well with all kinds of courts with their enigmatic grip provided by the rubber sole. The lacing system is also upgraded in these shoes to offer a customized fit.

The shoes perfectly fit all feet sizes without putting any strain. They are perfect on all court times and provide additional ankle support with its Boost cushioning.


Amazing ankle support with Boost cushioning
The shoes are true to their size
Stylish and sleek design perfect for all kind of basketball requirements
Highly responsive shoes with added comfort
Wide color range to choose from


The mesh used in the shoes is not breathable
Few customers complain that the laces put pressure on feet

4. Nike Lebron Soldier XI Men’s

With its impressive range of joggers and other sports accessories, Nike is one of the trusted brands with the commendable product range. These shoes are made from the durable outer fabric and high-quality sole material. These shoes are excellent for walking and jumping. If you are looking comfort along with style, these shoes are for you!

The trendy and fancy stripes make them an eye-catchy deal. A fashionable color range is available in these shoes. Durable synthetic material is used in the sole to ensure extended comfort. Compared to the previous designs of NIKE, these shoes are an upgraded version. From its latest trending stripes to appeasing colors like varsity red and metallic silver, these shoes are worth buying.

Assured quality of these shoes is one of the highlighted features. NIKE always aim to provide best to their customers, and these shoes are not an exception to it.


Designed ergonomically to support joints, especially the ankle joint
Dynamic design to make your appearance trendy
Synthetic material is used for providing the comfortable sole
Excellent design to offer firm support to your feet
Reliable ankle support from the high top from arch


Shoes are a bit expensive as compared to the others in the league
Limited color range

5. Reebok Men’s Shaq Attaq

Reebok is a well-known brand in the field of sports apparel and these shoes are on the same lines. These shoes are equipped with the latest Graphite technology. From its nostalgic looks to its exceptional mid-cut design, these shoes deserve a thumbs-up for all the reasons. Quite flexible, these shoes are provided with a mesh upper for enhanced breathability.

If you are a rigorous basketball player, these highly comfortable shoes are meant for you. These high-quality shoes are often referred to as old school shoes. If you play at the center position, these shoes are ideal for you with its excellent ankle support.

Designed specifically for someone who is looking for perfection with size and design, the advanced lacing system of these shoes makes it appropriate for a customized fit. Overall, highly comfortable shoes are durable and in your budget.


Affordable pricing justifying its great quality
Great graphite technology with amazing quality
True to their size, you get the right fit
Excellent ankle support with a mid-cut design
Highly durable shoes to deliver true value for your money


The shoes are not the right fit for people with wide feet

6. Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor

It is one of the most hyped sneakers which are meant specifically for the basketball enthusiast who are looking for breathable shoes. If excessive sweating in your feet is the problem you often encounter at the court, these shoes are the ultimate solution.

The shoes ensure the right amount of comfort with its advanced Cloudfoam technology. The track and the rubber on its outsole are of supreme quality to ensure durability. These shoes are highly responsive and provide excellent grip to your feet to avoid any sprain.

Despite rubber sole being translucent, there are no complaints about slipping. You can choose from the two different materials – textile and synthetic. The sole of the shoes is specifically designed to keep your feet dry and cool and avoid excessive sweating.


Commendable breathability features
Exceptional lightweight design
Advanced Cloudfoam cushioning with added comfort
Extremely lightweight to support the quick movements at the court
Comes with great lockdown and cushion support


Few customers complain about the stiffness in shoes at the beginning

7. Under Armour Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

With the ability to fit like gloves to your feet, these shoes promise exceptional support to your ankles. These highly durable shoes come with herringbone traction pattern and are perfect for indoor use.

It has been labeled as premium basketball shoes by the users for its incredible features. These shoes have inherited some of the great features from its previous model Curry 2. The steller improvements in these shoes can be noticed in court.

These shoes are very solid on the hardwood to derive an amazing indoor experience. The multi-directional herringbone eases the movements. A well-spaced tread pattern doesn’t allow the debris or dust to be struck in the shoes. So, you can play on the dusty courts carefree. [rrp]


Liquid heel-to-toe transition
Amazing lockdown with burrito wrap construction
Highly durable shoes with superior upper material
Thick PU sole to provide enhanced cushioning
Exceptional traction pattern for additional grip


Customer complains about lack of breathability with these shoes

Best Womens Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support:

The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support [Buying Guide]

There are several factors that are required to be considered before buying the right basketball shoes for ankle support. While most of the shoes come with promising features, you should look for the factors which help you to accomplish your games.

Every player has specific requirements like comfortability, adequate space, traction, cushioning, etc. However, if you do not have wide feet, you will certainly be not looking for shoes with additional toes space. The biggest challenge faced by most basketball enthusiasts is How to choose the right pair of shoes?

Here are some of the factors which one should consider before buying the best basketball shoes for ankle support:

No one can give you a better review of a specific pair of shoes than its existing user. Several users post their real-life experience for basketball shoes and give a good idea about the benefits and shortcomings associated with them. Hence these reviews provide great insight into the product which you are going to buy.

Pricing is the major constraint for any player looking for an exceptional pair of basketball shoes. The pricing of the shoes varies with the incredible features it offers. More the features, the higher the pricing. However, it is a human tendency to look for the cheap product which can fit their budget.

Hence, it is important to list down the features which you are seeking in your shoes to save a considerable amount of money on the features which you are never going to use.

Higher the durability greater the value for money. Buying basketball shoes is an investment. You will not like to discard away from your shoes after 2-3 games. Hence, the shoes must be crafted from high-quality material to withhold under the tough court conditions.

The shoes which are compatible with off-court and on-court. The shoes must be capable to enhance the performance of the player and remain unharmed. There are several brands like Adidas, Nike, Rebook, etc which promise great quality.

If you keep an eye on what is the latest trending, the style would be an important consideration for you. There are different types of basketball shoes available from different manufacturers. Few come with a nostalgic touch while few come in vibrant colors and vivacious design. Depending on your choice and preferences, you can choose the style.


Yes, there are some basketball shoes that are specifically designed to support your ankle and avoid any sprain or injury while playing. These shoes are meant to provide stability to your feet against excessive movements on the court while playing which are largely responsible for worse ankle injuries and extreme sprains.

While playing basketball, an ankle sprain is the most common issue encountered by most of the players. It also leads to injury and excessive pressure on the ankle leading to an adverse effect on the performance. Hence, most of the basketball shoes come with high ankles to support such sprains.

Logically, high-top basketball shoes provide good support to ankle compared to the low-tops. The studies also show that the players using high-ankle shoes are less prone to ankle sprain as compared to the ones who don’t. the additional collar height is a bit restrictive in rolling your ankles.

To prevent injuries, most of the basketball players use tape or other supportive material to avoid sprain or injury while playing aggressively. Most of the players replace their shoes after one or two months and tape their ankles to extend the support. However, basketball shoes for ankle support are a great solution for such problems.

There are two major factors which are responsible for exceptional ankle support as follows:

To prevent ankle sprain, your shoes must avoid side-to-side movements. A pair of shoes that fits tightly and has strong upper material is capable to withstand with your aggressive movements while playing.

The extension of the outsole is referred to as the lateral outrigger which increases the width of the shoes for additional stability. The wider the base, the difficult it would be to roll during crossovers and hard cuts. Hence, if you are looking for extended stability, ensure that your basketball shoes have lateral outrigger.

Final Verdict

As some of the best basketball shoes for Ankle Support are already listed, buying the right shoes is always an individual decision and largely depends on their preference. It is highly recommended to buy shoes from top-notch brands like NIKE, REEBOK, ADIDAS, etc to ensure great quality and commendable features.

Outline your budget and set down your preferences to list down all the shoes which fit into the given criteria. This helps in narrow down your choices and shortlist the best one for you.

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