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10 Best Adidas Basketball Shoes of All Time [2024 Review]

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes All Time:

Basketball enthusiasts know how important it is to have a good pair of shoes. The shoes should look great and provide a good fit and grip for the best performance. It will be challenging to choose which brand to buy, but Adidas has the answer.

You can be sure that every brand of basketball shoes you see will offer the best. Manufacturers are meticulous in their work, take a lot of time, and ensure that players get the best.

Adidas is a brand that you can trust. While any brand could be perfect, Adidas has always strived to be the best. Adidas is not only an excellent brand for quality, but there are other reasons why it’s worth your time and money.

Adidas, which has been around for almost 100 years, has been a staple in our sneaker collections for many generations. The brand’s popularity has increased significantly over the last few years due to collaborations with Beyonce and Donovan Mitchell. Adidas shoes are known for their versatility, comfort, and flair.

This article will review the top Adidas basketball shoes. We’ll also be looking at the features of each product and what to look for. It’s important to hear what others have to say. We will take our time!

I hope you found this article helpful and that it will help you find the best product for you.

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Popular Adidas Basketball Shoe Prices:

TOP 10 Best Adidas Basketball Shoes of All Time:

1. Adidas Coll3ctiv3 2020 Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas’ Coll3ctiv3 shoe is an excellent choice. The shoe has a soft feel to keep your feet safe while playing and durable, long-lasting construction. The product combines both these great features in one of the most elegant designs available today.

It feels and looks great. The shoe’s toughness is excellent for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Synthetic construction also gives you the strength to perform power moves or cuts. The premium design is available to all players at any position.

However, the shoe does not have the same level of cushioning as other models. Although it is comfortable, the shoe lacks a little protection from impact. Expect to feel tough landings. These are best adidas low top basketball shoes for 2024.

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2. Adidas Men’s D Rose 11 Basketball Shoe [Most Popular Adidas Basketball Shoes]

The D Rose 11 high-top shoe is suited for court use and can be worn casually around town. The shoe’s stellar design adds a layer of protection to the whole.

This shoe is excellent at reducing injuries. It also has excellent traction, so it can be used indoors or on the streets. You’ll be able to change direction thanks to the responsive soles quickly.

Despite this, the shoe is not very secure. Although the fit is snug, it won’t keep your foot in place as well as premium options. There will be some slippage in the long term. Always tie it securely and make sure you get the right size.

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3. Adidas Men’s N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoe

The N3xtL3v3l is one of the most comfortable shoes Adidas has ever made. Although the shoe has an unusual appearance, the N3xt L3v3l’s synthetic, the sock-like design combines soft materials with soft materials to create one of the best-fitting shoes on the market.

The shoe’s sole is highly responsive, and it offers a lot more mobility than you would expect. This is due to the laceless construction, which provides plenty of lockdowns when you need it. The Primeknit upper provides a reliable, durable, and fun option.

You will need to get the N3xt 3v3l used to before you can enjoy its complete comfort. You’ll need to practice with it before you take it out in a game. This should be enough to break it in properly.

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4. Adidas Unisex-Adult Harden Volume 5 Basketball Shoe

The Harden Volume 5 sneaker is an excellent choice if you are looking for a well-designed shoe that will elevate your game. The shoe features one of the most flexible soles available and Lightstrike technology to make it a stylish model focused on performance.

It is light and comfortable, making it great for game day. This makes it an excellent choice for players who want to stand out on the court.

The Volume 5 basketball shoe is reliable, but it isn’t the most durable. The shoe can be worn for many miles, but it will need to be replaced more frequently than other shoes. People who spend a lot of time outside may prefer to switch to other shoes.

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5. Adidas Men’s SM Crazy BYW 2-0 Team Basketball

The Crazy BYW 2.0 Adidas shoe is an excellent option if you are a heat-stressed runner or require a more breathable shoe. The mesh upper provides a comfortable and soft feel while playing, which is very useful.

The shoe also gets high marks because of the tight lace closure, which provides excellent lockdown. Special boost zones in the midsole are also great.

However, some might be put off by the eccentric look. These shoes are not for those who don’t enjoy flashy shoes. These shoes are heavy, so it’s worth considering if you prefer lightweight gear.

6. Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe – Highly Durable

Adidas is the leader in comfort and quality. Adidas made this basketball shoe for people with wider feet. Customers complained that the shoes were too narrow for their feet and they hurt their feet. Adidas created these shoes for wide feet with cushioning and protection against impact.

It performs exceptionally well on asphalt surfaces. Cloud foam cushions provide comfort for side-to-side movements.

Dual-zone traction is durable and can be cut quickly to make it grippy. Adidas has tried to make this sneaker as comfortable and stylish as possible. It is a beautiful design.

The upper is breathable, and it does not feel like you are being suffocated. The upper is made with mesh and a mixture of polyurethane leather.

It can be worn outdoors because the polyurethane won’t absorb water, so it is easy to wash. It can withstand a variety of outdoor conditions. It is flexible and elastic, thanks to its TPU coating.

The shoe is ideal for outdoor courts and wide-footed people. Your foot will remain comfortable for a long period, thanks to the textile lining.

It is comfortable and regular fitting. It is very durable thanks to the adiwear sole. This is a great Adidas basketball shoe that we recommend.

7. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas dame 5 basketball shoes are made for all abilities, including running, jumping, and walking. Damian Lillard’s signature basketball shoe. It has a herringbone pattern for traction that provides grip on slippery courts. It gives a superior grip for running.

The traction grooves provide a strong grip on concrete courts. You can also clean it outdoors if you need an extra grip. It is incredibly responsive and offers excellent jumping performance.

The bounce midsole is lightweight and provides a perfect cushion; thanks to the bounce midsole, the midfoot banking barrier aids in quick-cutting the direction.

Soft suede is used to make the upper. This allows for breathability and regulates airflow. Suede is also durable and can be used outdoors.

It is ideal for people with slightly wider feet. If you have narrower feet, we recommend ordering half an inch smaller than your casual size.

A sturdy shoe with all these fantastic capabilities for a few bucks. Solid piece with an excellent grip on every court.

Great design and perfect lacing closure to provide the best fitness and support. It would help if you now thought about buying such durable and high-quality Adidas basketball shoes. this is one of the most popular adidas basketball shoes for 2023.

8. Adidas Men’s VS Hoops Mid 2.0

An affordable, stylish basketball sneaker. This classic shoe design makes an excellent addition to your footwear. This leather-look shoe features a breathable mesh tongue. For a more striking look, the ankle has 3-Stripes. It is pretty much the same color as the usual black-white combination of uppers.

This sneaker’s strongest construction gained popularity quickly. The mid-cut is absent. It’s a light basketball shoe, even though it feels great in your hands. It is durable and lasts a long time, thanks to its strong stitching.

Stitching also helps to keep the sole and other parts of your shoes together. Because it is compatible with outdoor conditions, it would not sustain any damage.

The mid-top silhouette provides ankle stability and fits perfectly. It is located just below the joint. It provides exceptional support and prevents injuries that can occur during basketball games.

These lateral movements can be avoided if you do not give up. The midsole has a foamy footbed that provides support and comfort to the feet, eliminating any slipping or discomfort when landing on the heels.

The traction is a great performer, despite being a low-cost shoe. It is not meant to be worn in athletic games, but it can be used for streetwear.

This shoe is a good choice for your budget. This shoe is a decent basketball shoe for a reasonable price. For better fitness, the lacing system is excellent. It is the only one that has a sporty touch.

9. Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019 Basketball Shoe

Another top-rated Adidas basketball shoe on our list. Adidas men’s Pro bounce has an incredible bouncing cushion that gives you a feeling of being on the court. It also provides better impact protection.

The cushion is responsive and performs well. Many NBA players wore it in 2018-19. The new Adidas pro bounce cushion is lightweight and high-toped.

It is made more responsive and bouncy by its flexible cushion, which is located in the midsole. It is an Adidas basketball shoe that is a signature.

However, it is very affordable. The shoe has a herringbone pattern and deeply grooved traction. Because of the solid rubber outsole, the stopping power is more than you can imagine. It performs well, despite its being muddy on concrete courts.

Drawcord’s elastic nature allows for flexibility and perfect fitness. The upper is made of a mesh textile to allow for airflow. The base system has a fuse layer that provides a firm cushion.

Your ankle support protects you from any injuries that may occur during lateral movements. The Adidas pro bounce basketball shoe is lightweight and has a great design.

The shoe is not designed for fitness. We recommend that you choose Adidas Own if your feet are wide. The shoe has excellent traction and firm cushioning, which provides optimal support and stability. However, it is not suitable for narrow feet.

10. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men’s Marquee Basketball shoes are modern basketball shoes with a retro design. We love the herringbone pattern traction of the Adidas marque Boost basketball shoes. It sticks to the slippery courts like glue, especially when it is new.

Multidirectional coverage from heel-toe is excellent and provides stability. The grooves can get stuck on dirty courts so that they can become clogged. However, it is still beneficial and may need to be cleaned occasionally.

The traction is good on clean courts. Adidas used a full-length premium cushion that provides impact protection and responsiveness in the forefoot. If you choose a high-top, the cushion’s ankle support will be beyond limits.

It is made from a mix of micro-molded mesh uppers, knits, and canvas. This makes it durable and lasts a long time.

This allows for maximum flexibility and can be easily cut in any direction. It is true to size and won’t pose any problem for your fitness. You can order you’re normal size. It also includes standard support.

Adidas Marquee Boost basketball shoes are undoubtedly the most comfortable. It is very affordable and will fit into your budget. It is lightweight and easy to use for running or dunking. It’s easy to spend any amount you want, and it will give you the best court experience. Get unbeatable comfort by ordering now.

Key Considerations When Buying the Best Adidas Basketball Shoes of All Time

Basketball shoes are meant for basketball players, but they can also be worn at other times. Volleyball players also wear basketball shoes. These shoes are also worn by others who love the style and comfort.

The most important thing to consider when choosing an Adidas basketball shoe is the cut you would like to wear. The cut of the shoe is essential if you are wearing them for style and other activities. Basketball players will appreciate the shoe’s cut for support and comfort:

Here Are Some Features To Consider:

The Adidas basketball shoe collection has excellent options for those who want to stand out from the crowd.


Upper: Adidas basketball shoes are made of synthetic materials. These shoes offer a lot of support and flexibility. Adidas shoes can also be equipped with fabric panels to improve breathability. Adidas basketball shoes are made from leather. It offers more stability and durability, but it has less flexibility.

Outsole: The most common outsole material for Adidas basketball shoes is rubber. This allows players to make precise cuts, even though their feet roll a bit when they move.


Most Adidas basketball shoes come with traditional shoelaces that secure the shoe to your foot. The laces that are spread across the shoe’s tongue allow for better adjustment than those with tight spacing. Some models come with hook-and-loop laces instead of laces. Other models have knitted uppers that have no laces.

Style and color

Adidas basketball shoes come in nearly every color and design possible. Shoes can be customized to match the uniform of your team or shoes that reflect your style. Adidas basketball shoes offer a variety of styles, from classic 90s designs to fashionable designer looks.


There are three main brands that you can choose from when shopping for basketball shoes: Under Armour, Nike, and adidas. Below is a comparison of the brand names.

Verdict [Best Adidas Basketball Shoes]

There are many other great Adidas shoes, but these are our favorites. Any Adidas shoes will take your drip to the next level. Make sure you treat yourself to a brand new pair of Adidas shoes this holiday season. And don’t forget to fold the kicks.

FAQs [Best Adidas Basketball Shoes]

This section answers most of your questions regarding Adidas basketball shoes.

Is Adidas Boot Good for Basketball?

Yes. The shoes are very comfortable and responsive, which can be a great help in any game.

What Adidas Shoes do the NBA Players Wear?

Adidas has a line for James Harden, Damien Lillard, and Donovan Mitchell.

Is Adidas AlphaBounce a basketball shoe?

Although it can be used to play basketball, the AlphaBounce shoe is more suited for running than any other.

Do NBA players use Adidas basketball shoes?

Adidas is second in popularity, despite Nike being the most preferred shoe brand for NBA players. The most worn models by NBA players are the Pro Bounce and Dame, Harden, Harden, Crazy Explosive, and Harden. James Harden and Damian Lillard are two examples of players who have Adidas signature shoes.

Does Adidas make shoes for women specifically?

There are fewer options. Women’s shoes and men’s shoes have similar design features. If women find the right shoe, they can wear basketball shoes made by men.

Do basketball shoes require extra durability for outdoor use?

Adidas shoes that are more suitable for outdoor use have heavier outsoles and are stronger than those made for indoor use.

Do I need a specific type of tread pattern on the bottom of my Adidas basketball shoes?

The best option is to use a zigzag pattern or herringbone on the sole. This allows the player to stop and push off the ground to move faster quickly. You can get maximum traction from a variety of angles with the zigzag pattern. You will be able to stop and start faster with a deeper pattern.

Which NBA players wear Adidas shoes?

Donovan Mitchell and Damian Lillard wore Adidas basketball shoes. James Harden is another famous player who wore Adidas shoes.

What are the best adidas basketball shoes?

Adidas Men’s D Rose 11. You can check out other models here.

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