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Best Basketball Shoes That Make You Jump Higher and Run Faster

Are you looking for best basketball shoes that make you Jump Higher and Run Faster?

Every single basketball player wishes to be able to dunk properly but for that, they need to work on their vertical jump. For a proper dunk, the player needs to jump a bit higher than usual for that they need a lot of practice. You can’t just go and jump as you do and expect to jump higher and perform a proper dunk.

Your shoes also play a huge role in this. Just like there are separate shoes for cricket, football, and almost every other sport there are special shoes for basketball as well. Different styles of shoes have been developed over the past years too by various companies to help improve your vertical jump.

But some people think that shoes do not matter, it is the practice that makes you perfect, not any other thing. Certain shoes can help improve your vertical jump in 2 specific ways.

Knowing how to jump properly helps you master this game and it is important to jump properly when it comes to dunking. Wearing a good quality shoe can turn out to be the easiest way to learn how to jump higher. This article will provide you with complete knowledge about that.

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Can Shoes Really Help Us To Jump Higher?

Certain shoe manufacturing companies claim that by wearing their shoes it helps you to jump 3 1/2 inches higher than the players jump without these special shoes.

Many shoe manufacturing companies have claimed to have improved technology that helps you jump higher although jumping higher may not totally depend on the shoes it more depends on the practice of the player.

Players with a height higher than the average height have an advantage of jumping higher but it also depends on the player’s practice. Shoes contribute not much in helping you jump the thing that helps you jump higher is the amount of force you can generate in the least amount of time.

So, instead of wasting your time in finding the shoes, you should focus more on practicing your vertical jump.

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Jump Shoes: Best Basketball Shoes That Make You Jump Higher and Run Faster

There are a lot of shoes out there in the market that claims to help you to jump higher. Companies claim that their shoes help you to improve your vertical jump that will also help you to learn how to dunk properly.

Brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok are the leading brands that manufacture these kinds of shoes. Some of the shoes that are known to help you to dunk properly are as follows:

1. Nike PG 3

The word PG means Paul George and PG Nike is a true collaboration between George and Nike designer Tony Hardman. The PG 3 is a continuation of Paul George’s signature line. Paul George’s sports shows are versatile and make for comfort while on the court. The PG 3 is designed for comfort and tailored to Paul George’s two-way game in a cozy way.


The design of the shoe in the half-boot frame embraces your feet snugly and securely. To add to the comfort, the collar is padded which is made of smooth, durable ripstop material and it hugs your ankle without sacrificing quality.

On the sole, the pattern is inspired by the crates of the moon and it delivers perfect multi-directional traction for slip-free movement across the court.

Active players can enjoy the extra bounce on their feet while in action. The shoe comes with a Zoom Air unit that provides a fantastic springy effect when running, jumping, or walking with it.

2. Nike Lebron Men’s XVI Low Basketball Shoes

We all know that LeBron James is an unstoppable player on the court. Besides, he is highly influential off of the court, so having his signature shoe is a plus.

In the year 2003, Nike Men’s LeBron XVI Low Cut Basketball Shoes came into being inspired by his rookie season and a pivotal year in culture. The Max Air and Zoom Air cushioning technologies make the shoe versatile and useful.


For a comfortable feel, as you run across the court, the combined action of the Max Air and Zoom Air cushioning technology makes that possible. The two features help absorb impact from hard landings and then bounce it back with energy. Good news to active players because the LeBron shoes make them flexible on the court.

Sliding your legs into these shoes is no stress at all. Once you push your foot in, the stretch collar expands and your foot slides into it easy-peasy. After your foot gets into the shoe, the custom lacing allows you to lock your feet into it.

To make your feet secured when in the shoes, the rigid heel clips keep your feet locked in and offer support for your heel. The shoes also feature an articulated traction pattern that makes for flexibility.

3. Adidas Dame 5

The Adidas Men’s Dame 5 Running Shoes are designed for Damian Lillard’s signature style. It came designed with a textile upper and flexible cushioning.

The cushioning of the shoe makes for lightweight comfort which is perfect for every step-back jumper. When you want to change directions in this Dame you can do it as easy as anything thanks to the herringbone outsole.


With the cushioning of this shoe, bouncing will not give you sprained ankle because it provides enhanced comfort and flexibility. It aids explosive movement at fearless speed.

Running on the slippery court or wet grounds, the rubber outsole with herringbone pattern help provide ultimate grip for any player. This outstanding traction offers fearless movements on the court.

4. Adidas Harden Vol. 4 Shoes Men’s

The shoes are designed specifically for James Harden’s game to help him stay strong in the fourth quarter. The shoe features ultra-lightweight and responsive midsole cushioning and midfoot band to help secure the shoes to make hard decisive cuts.


Ultra-Lightweight Cushioning

Lightstrike is a super-light cushioning with traction for lightning speed movement on the court.

Harden-Inspired Traction

This Harden shoe comes with a rubber outsole which is made for smooth and fierce movement on the court. The rubber provides the much-needed traction for effective and dynamic speed.

5. Nike Kyrie 6 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Destroying defenses with speed, Kyrie Irving attacks from all angles using an explosive first step and impossible-to-guard moves.

The Nike Kyrie 6 Men’s Basketball Shoes enhances his on-court acceleration with a large Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot and curved outsole for precision quickness.


It features a wide and flexible Nike Air Zoom Turbo cushion in the forefoot that makes for all-around comfort. The cushion engages when you push off to enhance on-court acceleration in all directions.

Side-to-side movements are no problem with the Kyrie 6 since it features curved outsoles which wrap up the sides of the upper. The all-around grip makes it cool to make precision cuts and quick movement around the court. As you are making the run across the court, the special traction pattern offers a sturdy grip on the court in all directions.

To ensure you don’t fall due to the malfunction of your shoes, the Kyrie 6 comes with a midfoot strap that clamps down over the laces. The straps secure the foot and keep your feet locked in while you make daring and ambitious moves on the court.

These are some of the best shoes out there in the market. These are not the only ones to choose from you can choose any shoe you want but in the end, everything depends on your practice and the hard work you did for achieving your goal.

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How To Choose The Best Shoes For Practicing Your Verticals

If your aim in life is to improve your vertical jump then you should look for shoes that fulfill the following three criteria.

Probably the most important factor while selecting your shoes. You should have this thing in mind that your shoes should be the right size and should fit perfectly and you should feel comfortable after wearing them.

You should not select shoes that are bigger than your foo size because you will not be happy if they get off in the middle of the match and should neither be too tight for your feet so that you feel any kind of irritation. They should be of perfect size.

This point is very much related to the first point. You should also check the sole of the shoes you are gonna buy and should have in mind that they should not at all be slippery because slippery shoes are poison to jumping high.

During a vertical jump, you first start by running towards the hoop then by using your legs you plan to convert your horizontal speed into vertical speed and at this moment you would not want your shoes to slip. This factor should also be kept in your mind while buying shoes.

When you jump you plan to jump as high as possible and the thing that you should keep in mind is that your shoes should not be too comfortable for you.

They may be very comfortable for your joints and you may wanna prefer a comfortable pair but they just absorb all the energy that you put in to jump as high as possible.

Keeping in mind the above three criteria you should decide what shoes to buy and what not to.

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How To Really Jump Higher?

There are many ways through which you can improve your vertical jump, but the most effective exercises include plyometrics along with exercises that built both strength and power. The most common plyometric exercises include hops, jumps, and bounding moments.

Learning to jump higher is not an easy task to do for that the player needs to practice really hard. The player needs to exercise daily to learn. They should not fully exhaust their body while doing that.

They should know their body’s limit to exercise should not try to cross that limit because, in the end, it would only harm your body and that would lead to you not be able to achieve your target.

So, it pretty clear that shoes are not the magic formula to become a flying dunker. As you see there are no shortcuts to achieve your target. You should try to achieve your target in a way so that you are prepared for anything to come.

To help you out this article provides you with some of the programs that you can opt for that will help you in learning in the best way possible. The jump manual and Vert stock are the 2 manuals that will help you in doing so.

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Final Verdict

Basketball shoes can be a contributing factor to your ability to jump high because if you do not feel comfortable in your sneakers you won’t be able to jump properly. A lot of brands out there claim that their shoes will help you to jump higher than your ability.

Instead of buying expensive shoes that claim to help you, I think you should spend some money and take part in some of the training programs that are out there and will provide you with proper training. If you put all your heart and sweat while doing the program and do as they tell you to do you will surely be able to jump higher than usual no matter which you wear.

But obviously, you should have a pair of basketball shoes that fulfill the 3 criteria mentioned above in the article. Hard work does pay off if you are determined enough to do so. [1]

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