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10 Best Basketball Shoes under 50 Dollars [2024 Reviews]

Best Basketball Shoes under 50 Dollars:

A good pair of basketball shoes will allow you to keep your feet comfortable during those long court hours.

For $50, you can find quality shoes with the same characteristics as signature shoes.

Although signature footwear promotes brands, these models are designed for practicality and affordability.

While the construction quality of higher-end shoes is generally top-quality, that does not mean that these shoes priced at less than $50 are any less.

I’d consider any of the pairs listed against the top-priced Nike or Jordan shoes.

Don’t let the names of the brands make you feel uneasy since they will keep you on the field without issue.

Please ensure you take care of them; they’ll last for as long as other shoes you purchase.

Best Basketball Shoes under 50 Dollars [2024 Reviews]

1. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes – best basketball shoes under $50

With more than 4000+ reviews, the Beita High Upper basketball shoe has a classic style with a great grip and ankle support that is high-top with high lacing for basketball players of all levels.

This shoe is perfect for indoor and outdoor use but is a great choice for the outdoor court.

2. Under Armour Basketball Shoes

The Under Armour 2 is a basketball shoe with a performance-oriented design that includes cushioning HOVR, which gives players plenty of protection against impact and the ability to respond.

The materials used in these shoes feel high-quality and are a major benefit, especially considering that this is an affordable model.

Additionally, Under Armour 2 are not just comfortable but also does an excellent job of locking down the foot of the player.

A heel counter, the outrigger, and mid-foot shank all do an excellent job of providing lots of security and stability.

These designs provide excellent security and an individual fit because they have a webbed lacing system.

Under Armour 2 also comes with a half-bootie-lined lining to ensure an ideal fit and traditional tongue construction for quick entry.

3. Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

The light midsole has foam with two different cushioning levels, giving the rider an easy and smooth ride.

It also provides excellent performance, and the bounce you experience from the shoe isn’t too poor and surpasses some people’s expectations.

The sole of the shoe is made of tough rubber. This kind of outsole will perform well outdoors.

It also has a multidirectional traction pattern that gives you excellent grip and traction across the court. It isn’t necessary to worry about slippage when making quick cuts.

The shoe claims to fit perfectly. However, certain people have reported that the shoes have a narrow fitting.

Therefore, for those who are wide-footed who are out there, it’s best to test the shoes in person to ensure an exact and snug fit.

The mid-top shoe has padding on the collar, which provides plenty of security and comfort.

It offers a feeling of security and a perfect fit due to its engineered half panel and the additional eyelets that reach into the shoe’s collar.

4. Joomra Sneakers For Men – Top Fashion Shoes

This shoe is ideal for those who wish to go above and beyond in style and ethical behavior. The vegan fabric will shield your feet from hazardous chemicals and give them an incredibly smooth and comfortable feel inside this eco-friendly high-top.

The classic shades of red and black make this shoe ideal for basketball players and fans. With white details at the top of your tongue, you’ll match your outfit and display your youthfulness with each step.

The blade-like rubber outsole of the basketball shoes has an elegant and fashionable appearance and distinctive visual appeal. They’re also extremely comfortable to wear all day long.

These shoes have been designed with the finest materials and a unique design.

They are made of leather, which gives the appearance of a hand-crafted piece at the heel and toe areas and accents it by putting overlays on top for more details.

They also have laces designed to provide the stability you need while providing your feet with breathing space. This is ideal when it comes to high-intensity exercise.

Its lengthy tongues ensure safety while you’re active but still give your feet enough room to avoid issues due to the lack of circulation due to tight shoes.

What’s not to like with these Joomra sneakers? The sleek design and comfortable feel make them perfect for anyone.

They are available in sizes between 6 and 13, so regardless of your feet, you’ll be able to take pleasure in these fantastic shoes.

5. adidas Performance Men’s 3 Series Basketball Shoe

It’s a bargain and has a good reason that many customers buy it.

If you’re on a budget, desperate for a pair of sneakers, and looking for the best on Amazon, the first item you see will be this sneaker.

Adidas 3 Series 2015 offers leather uppers (which is great) as well as a comfortable ankle collar, as well as the TORSION SYSTEM technology to provide support for torsional forces.

It’s true they also have the adiPrenecushioning system and an outsole that is not marked.

The shoe is decent technology for the price, and there are plenty of glowing reviews from users on the internet.

If you’re looking to stick to an affordable budget of 50 dollars, I believe these are the best option.

Ultimately, they’re produced in the name of Adidas and not a random brand. This should convey something to you.

6. Nike Pg 4 Kids Basketball Shoes – Cheap Basketball Shoes under 50 dollars

Together with Paul George, the Nike PG Men’s Basketball Shoes are not just comfy to walk in but easy to style.

With a broader bottom sole and a streamlined upper portion of the shoe comprised of a plain black mesh, which allows the air to circulate and provides the feeling of comfort.

7. adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe – About $50 Basketball Shoes

If you’re a fashion-forward soul who is a fan of colors, these are the perfect footwear to wear during your football games.

Adidas Men’s step-back shoes are available in seven variations with different styles and colors that range from black, red, blue, and green.

Another reason these shoes are my favorite is their price, as they are among the least expensive brand-name shoes on our best basketball shoes for under $50.

If you’re not an experienced basketball player and want to purchase some brand new sneakers for a budget, then the step-back sneakers for basketball are the best option.

They have a sole that is just as durable as the other shoes made by Adidas that have a synthetic sole which goes a long way.

8. AND 1 Men’s Rocket 4.0 Basketball Shoe

Another well-known model from the brand AND1 is featured once more as a budget-friendly basketball shoe for the casual player.

The AND1 Men’s Rocket 4.0 Basketball Shoe features a synthetic upper shielding your toes and the ankles’ sides.

Although the shoe is a lower heel, it offers excellent ankle and heel support. The tongue is padded with mesh, giving it more airflow so that your feet are comfortable during your play.

The insole is cushioned to provide maximum comfort, and it’s accessible if you require an orthotic that is custom-made for you.

Its AND1 Men’s Rocket is a durable outsole suitable for outdoor and indoor playing.

The shoe is narrow, with an incredibly tight toe box. Take a size larger for those who prefer more room in your shoes.

There’s a time for break-in for you to become accustomed to the weight of the shoes and the spongy feel of the heel.

As the Rocket has a shorter time and is prone to breaking down within six months to an entire year of usage, you might want to stock up on several pairs.

9. PUMA Men’s Legacy Basketball Shoe

PUMA is a popular brand for sneakers that is well-known to everyone, and, with their recent revival in the NBA, many hoopers would like to put them on.

The Legacy is trendy low-tops and has a stylish style both in and out of the court.

The colors might not be suitable for everyone, but their performance is sure to impress even the most ardent basketball sneaker fan.

10. Adidas Men’s Pro Next Basketball Shoe

Adidas Pro Next is another affordable option from Adidas that is packed with plenty of beneficial features.

Although it’s not a branded shoe, the Adidas Pro Next is a top-performing shoe that could be compared with those of the Dame 5 and the Jordan CP3s regarding build performance, design, and technology.

Being a mid-top model, it is a great choice for runners. Adidas Next provides superb ankle support and lockdown.

Furthermore, this pair’s cushioning is superior since they come with an ultra-soft heel cushion and a flexible Cloudfoam midsole.

The outsole is rubber and features a herringbone pattern that provides an equilateral grip in many high-impact zones.

As with other Adidas basketball shoes, The Adidas Pro Next is adorned with the latest faux leather design that allows the shoes to be worn off-court play.

Based on your personal preferences and style Based on your style and preferences, the Adidas Pro Next comes in a wide range of colors, including cloud white, scarlet, collegiate navy, royal, black core, e.t.c.

(You can also find Best Basketball Shoes under 40, 60, 100, 150, 200, 1000… here).

What To Look For Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 Dollars?


A factor to be considered when purchasing “budget-friendly” shoes is the quality of the materials employed. There are cheap shoes within this price bracket, So be cautious.


The shoes’ material determines the degree of endurance and ease of use.

At first, most basketball shoes were constructed from leather, but synthetic mesh was later used to replace leather.

It’s light, durable, and more comfortable than leather. Most shoes today are a combination of synthetic mesh and leather.


Another way that footwear that isn’t as expensive will help you save money is by spending less on the quality of the footwear.

It is good to know that you can swap out your soles with top-quality ones should you require them.


Nobody wants to join a fitness center to play in a pair of shoddy shoes.

In addition, the others will be laughing at you, but it can affect your performance if you are overly self-conscious.


Check the material for breathability before purchasing shoes. Your feet should be kept hydrated when you play.

The more circulation and air your feet experience, the healthier they will be, and you’ll notice less discomfort when playing for longer.

Also, it won’t hurt the smell of your feet after the long hours of hoops.


While the performance provided by footwear is vital but the appearance of the shoes should not be overlooked. Pick a pair that shows off your individuality.

This means you must choose an exact style and color that can complement your design when playing on the court.


The final question to think about is whether you’re required to put the top-quality logo on your sneakers or not.

If you think that the Jordan Jumpman logo or the Nike swoosh are necessities and you are looking for a list, this list might not be suitable for you.


Are you certain of purchasing shoes at the price bracket? You should check the performance of the shoes before you buy them. If you have further concerns concerning this, post them in the comments section.

FAQs [Best Basketball Shoes under 50]

Do People Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

Yes, if the shoe is not very bright shades, one can use the basketball shoe for casual usage.

That’s what I suggested when I wrote the guide to buy, too.

It would help if you avoided blue, red, and yellow hues before buying a basketball shoe to wear casually.

What Are The Best Basketball Shoes Under $50?

We believe that the Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoes is the most effective basketball shoe available at less than $50.

It’s available in various colors and styles in all sizes you’d like.

What Are The Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes?

“Puma Legacy” is the basketball shoe with the most lightweight design and shape.

No one can match the style in “Puma,” especially in providing lightweight and long-lasting shoes.

Also, their “Legacy” model is what you should think about in case you’re short on funds.

Who Makes Best Basketball Shoes under 50?

Numerous fantastic brands produce basketball shoes.

Nike, Adidas, and Andi are among the top companies making and selling top-quality basketball shoes.

In our top 10 list, Adidas is the first choice because the combination of outstanding quality and a low price makes their goods so tempting to not miss out on

However, Nike Andi is equally excellent in price and quality, respectively.

Do Basketball Shoes Help You Jump High?

That is exactly the purpose basketball shoes are made to be used for.

The cushioning on the middle sole will ensure that the shoe will not sag when a player attempts to leap.

In the end, as the height increases, the shoes are more akin to normal.

You can test this at home by jumping in casual shoes and then wearing basketball shoes.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Basketball?

When you’re shopping for basketball shoes on behalf of your children, this is the information parents should be aware of: Buy sneakers specifically designed for basketball.

Basketball shoes, or sneakers, are specifically designed to provide great ankle support and court performance.

Are Low-Top Basketball Shoes Dangerous?

There’s no way to say they’re not in any way. The low-top basketball shoes will not cause any damage to your foot.

They’re just that the foot support in these shoes is less than in high-top or mid-top sneakers.

This type of shoe is intended for people who wish to be able to play basketball on the court.

Indoor Basketball vs. Outdoor Basketball?

This is the subject of where you’ll put your shoes. If you mostly play indoors, then durability shouldn’t be a problem. However, this is a different story if you’re an outdoor hooper.

The most effective basketball shoes for outdoor play require durable materials on the uppers, stronger soles, softer rubber for the outside, cushioning to shield against the blacktop, and a suitable traction design.

High-tops, Mid-tops, and Low-tops?

Then there is the issue of cutting the shoes. The cut of the basketball shoe is an untruth. Mids and high tops are thought to provide more support for your ankles and are believed to help prevent ankle injuries.

However, this isn’t the case, However. Low-tops can be as supportive as high-tops since the direct support you need when playing basketball is your ankle, the ankle itself.

NBA basketball players were wearing low-top basketball shoes for a long time. However, Kobe Bryant was the player to most widely disprove the myth.

However, there’s something to consider regarding the placebo effects high-tops and mids can bring.

Particularly, those who have injured their ankles are more comfortable in highs and mids, and confidence is vital on the court. Therefore, you should stick to what works for you in this situation.

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