About Us

Michael JordanHey, My name is Jordan. I am 21 years old and I have a great passion for basketball and that’s the reason I decided to start this basketball blog.

In this blog, I will post all kinds of different topics related to basketball. I love basketball and I find writing about it even more thrilling. I learn new things about the sport and equipment every day that I would never know about without starting this website.

About Morris:

Morris’s strong passion for sports was clearly seen by his parents when he was
just 11 years old. He was the first in their family to ask for a basketball so that he can play with his friends and slowly he loved playing it for hours. Since then, his love for sports kept increasing since then and his focus moved towards physical sports.

Our Reviews and Blogs:

Recently we have reviewed some of the basketball accessories like Best Kids Basketball Hoops, Best Basketball Hoops, and Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes. Check them out and grab yours soon!

I hope you find the information on this site valuable, if not please send me an email with a few tips or changes you want me to change in order to make it more helpful.