🥇10 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards [2022 Reviews]

Best Basketball Shoes For Guards:

When it comes to basketball shoes, high-end basketball shoes are typically stronger and heavier. However, the low-top shoes allow players to move easily while playing.

It’s not a surprise that for basketball players, it is crucial to be capable of moving throughout the court without difficulty and effortlessly. But, how you move largely depends on the position you are in.

For instance, guards and wings cut lots. This swift movement and sharp angles are dependent on the speed. If you’re too late or early, it could be the sole difference between a simple layup and a miss.

This is the sole reason basketball players wear shoes with low-tops. These lightweight shoes allow players to perform faster than other players without sacrificing overall performance or quality.

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards -Point Guards - Quick Guards - Shooting Guards - Shifty Guards - Explosive Guards

However, other basketball team players, for instance, the forwards and centers, typically prefer the shoes with the highest level of basketball. These players don’t have to cut through, which means they can concentrate on protecting their feet.

Like power athletes, they are also prone to straining their feet often. This is why they go for the additional padding included in high-top sneakers.

The high-top shoes and the low-top footwear have their own set of cons and pros. The position in which the person you are with will assist you in analyzing the kind of shoes you’ll need.

Guards have to be agile when making offensive plays and breaking through opponents’ defenses. By wearing the right sneakers for basketball players, you can quickly alter direction, make precise stops, or shoot out of any point.

With the most recent models, we’ve listed the top five basketball sneakers for guards to improve you to the top of your sport.

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards (Point Guards/Quick Guards/Shooting Guards/Shifty Guards/Explosive Guards) 2022 Reviews

1. Nike Kobe Mamba Basketball Shoes for Men

Nike’s Kobe Bryant Mamba Focus signature shoes feature embossed upper materials, which improve the foot’s control and stability.

It is described as a shoe with a low profile designed for attacking guards; players can gain confidence knowing that the shoes are made for athletes like them.

The eyelets of the uppers are constructed from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) with snake eyes for inspiration.

The outsole is distinctive with a tread pattern based on the Mamba that allows swift guards to move across all directions. Zoom Air units will support your teardrop, fadeaway, and side steps.

The midsole offers a sensitive reaction to your tough landings. A lightweight, molded framework and the heel cage offer comfort and help.

The sturdy, high-end quality outsoles are sturdy enough for indoor or outdoor use. This pair of low-top shoes could be the perfect pair for any important game as they combine top-quality materials, elegant details, and a simple but elegant appearance.

The white or black colorway is my preference. It is elegant and stylish and elegant with the Kobe “The Sheath” logo on the tongue.

Whatever your preferred color, classic white or black will certainly make a statement when you wear these colors.

The upper material with embossed design and the zoom air units make an extremely comfortable pair of shoes straight out right out of the box.

It is possible to break into the shoes in no time. This pair is perfect in the case of point guards.

2. Nike Zoom KD 9 Shoes for Men

It is the Nike Zoom KD 9 can be described as performance shoes. It is low-heeled to its surroundings. This is why these shoes are ideal for guards who shoot and point guards.

The rubber outsoles of these shoes will give you the necessary grip on the indoor and outdoor court. If you’re an athlete with typical or narrow feet and want high-quality impact protection, the KD 9 will suit you perfectly. This pair is perfect protection that is quick.

3. Adidas Basketball Shoes for Men

Crazylight Boost Low 2016. is geared to guards with explosive abilities who can make rapid bursts of speed to fend off their foes.

Guards that want speed and bounce also receive the tiniest and most impact-absorbing protection at a moderate cost.

The design combines top-quality materials with responsive features that allow guards to move swiftly and move in multiple directions.

Herringbone patterns boast the thick grooves, which resist pressure on courts.

The rubber sole with dual density is thick, which means the sole doesn’t break down quickly. This grip quality lets guards feel more comfortable when they run faster.

What makes this shoe one of the top Basketball shoes for guards is the cushioning that’s the full length which provides energy-returning characteristics.

Boost, Adida’s most ingenuous cushioning technology, uses TPU compressed under pressure to help absorb shock. In essence, you’ll do it using light, quick energy for every move you take.

In addition, the midsole is a part of UltraBoost compression. This construction absorbs the shocks, thereby protecting your feet from injury. A boost caging will also give you a great court feeling and comfort.

The midsole appears slightly more firm than the predecessor, which is good. A more solid setup will ensure that the Boost stays stable over prolonged periods of play.

A stable, solid base, increased midfoot stability, and a heel cup combine to provide the best lockdown. To begin, a TPU shank stabilizes the midfoot, preventing the shoe from stretching. Crazylight Boost also has slightly raised rubber outsoles on the lower part of the shoes to ensure protection.

One thing you’ll notice first is how the heel collar can hug your heel, regardless of whether the shoe is cut low in style. The non-restrictive, glove-like design improves comfort and provides support.

Furthermore, the shoes merit the title Crazylight because the material and style are extremely lightweight.

The upper fabric combines synthetic jacquard and very smooth fabric with woven patterns.

They provide breathability and flexibility; however, they also aid the footwear in resisting damage and wear. This pair is perfect for guards of the shooting.

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4. Under Armour Curry 7 Basketball Shoe for Men

Steph Curry is among the greatest guards ever to play the game. His 7’s are a reflection of his elite performance.

They are made well. They are durable, have excellent traction, and are stable due to the carbon’s fine shank. Combining these three factors makes them ideal for layups and hard drives.

They also offer a lot of foot protection. The entire thing cushions your foot to give the best shock absorption when landing hard.

This is then combined with excellent ankle protection to ensure that you aren’t injured after an impressive or flashy finale.

While these shoes offer a cushion and support point of view, they’re not the softest straight out of the box.

You’ll need to utilize them for practice or stroll around in them before you can take them out for an intense run.

When they get used to but, they’ll help keep you moving. This pair is perfect for guards with a tendency to shift.

5. PUMA Clyde All-pro for Men

The traction of the Puma Clyde All-Pro is exceptional and was compared with Kobe 9 by reviewers. The durability is good and should be sufficient for outdoor use on occasion.

The cushion configuration is enhanced with ProFoam+, which is softer and offers greater compression. It’s still flexible, but it is more responsive.

Another feature of this pair is the upper material, which is extremely lightweight, minimal, and extremely comfortable once you break it into.

True to size will result in an ideal fit that fits around your foot very well.

Reviewers didn’t have any issues with the service since it has all the features we’ve accustomed to in basketball shoes, including the wide base, the outrigger, and a sturdy inner heel counter.

Overall, the Puma Clyde All-Pro is an excellent all-round performer, and it’s a steal at $$$. This model is ideal for players who can be explosive.

6. Adidas Dame 5 for Men

Adidas Men’s Dame 5 will instantly impress you due to its modern, sleek appearance. The upper is composed of a grid pattern that is bonded through the lacing method. Under this are black strips running across the tongue, providing additional appeal and useful characteristics.

Don’t judge a pair of shoes simply by its look! Behind all the looks is a system to ensure maximal performance. Let’s begin with the midsole cushion boost that guarantees the best stability during those important driving sessions.

The midsole is also able to provide extra flexibility inside the shoes to allow you to move swiftly without rigidity. The collar is made of neoprene, as well, which further softens the fit, while the lacing system is tough and provides a great level of security.

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7. PUMA Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes for Men

This PUMA Clyde Hardwood got a herringbone-like traction pattern on the forefoot, a combination of patterns from milk crate throwbacks in the heel and midfoot areas.

Additionally, the rubber material utilized in the sole makes it grippy and tacky on the court. As guards, you’ll have the most traction with these shoes while swiftly changing direction.

I tested the shoes on various courts, and based on my experience, the outsole gathered dust from the dusty floor.

But, it doesn’t allow the traction to go anywhere, which is surprising. All you have to do is remove the dust from the outsole frequently. The traction, however, is like that of Kobe 9 for me.

The cushioning setup is close to perfect for guards for the point. The ProFoam on the soles makes the shoes highly flexible and offers adequate cushioning. As guards, you need to be close to the court to perform quick moves quickly.

The shoes feature an unassuming design and keep you on the ground.

Its base is an old-fashioned flat that is stable while making slashing and jumping shots. The outriggers, however, are not particularly dramatic. However, they provide sufficient support and stability to the forefoot.

The sole is encased by the TPU, which provides stability by encasing your feet. However, it is essential to let these shoes get used because the midsole may initially feel stiff.

The upper fabric is a blend of textile and synthetic material that provides great durability and comfort. Despite the minimalistic style, these shoes offer ease of movement and comfort.

PUMA Clyde Hardwood comes with an elongated top that allows the guard more room to move around freely. The nylon cables in the upper portion start close to the forefoot region to bind the forefoot region and provide a snug fit for your foot. If you’re afraid of sustaining ankle injuries, it is possible to wear ankle braces to protect yourself.

What is the best size to go with? I would suggest going a half size down because I wasn’t feeling at ease in my normal-sized shoes.

Therefore, I bought half-size, which was perfect for me after putting them on. However, I’d recommend visiting a store to try them out yourself before buying.

Overall, these sneakers are top of the line in terms of comfort and performance the design. The price, in particular, isn’t excessive, which means you can enjoy top quality without breaking the bank.

8. Nike Shoes PG 5 for Men

Guards who are known to change their approach to their game will appreciate their PG 5. The shoe features a more open style that encourages quick cuts and cut moves.

It allows you to dribble and perform moves without the risk of injury. They place a lot of concentration on lateral movement.

That is an extremely solid basis, multi-directional traction, and a complete cushion system to provide an additional layer of protection.

They are comfortable regardless of how hard you work. The entire design of these shoes helps keep your feet safe and allows you to be active.

But be aware that they’re not the best outdoor shoes. The shoes are fantastic at the gym, but they don’t have the endurance to endure wear and tear on the road or in driveways.

If you keep them in your home or the gym, however, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality, long-lasting shoes with incredible flexibility.

9. adidas Dame 7 Shoe

Guards have to perform several quick and sharp cuts. This can cause an immense amount of strain on your feet, so comfort is crucial. They’re well-rounded and sturdy shoes with some of the most cushioned and comfortable padding available.

They offer great ankle support; they are comfortable and have a cushioned sole. The lockdown can be extremely beneficial and is especially useful when coupled with the tighter fitting since it cuts down on injuries. The product has a captivating design as well.

Like the PG 5’s, they are excellent shoes that do not excel in harsh conditions. The cushion and shock absorption, outsole, and padding are all more suitable for training in gyms rather than on uneven or wet surfaces. If you’re hoping that these will last, it is best to keep them for indoor practice or games.

10. Adidas Harden Vol. 2

The Adidas Harden Vol. 2 are the most suitable basketball shoes for guards who shoot due to the cushioning, balancing impact protection, and response speed. Mesh materials add to the forefoot’s stability, lockdown, and support and make the shoes suitable for heavier and larger guards.

Adidas has based the traction pattern on the style of play that Harden’s feet have. There’s a reason why the outsole displays a fractal pattern: smaller clusters are subject to the greatest amount of pressure on the soles of the feet. This way, guards get superior stopping power and protection for lateral movements.

The outsole’s rubber sole that extends up into the heel acts as the shoe’s exterior heel cup. The grooves, however, aren’t particularly deep. Small indentations can collect dust, and you’ll have to clean the outsole to get it back to its original grip.

This is the model’s Boost cushioning, the densest Boost cushioning on the market in an Adidas basketball sneaker. These shoes might not provide an insane bounce, but the Boost cushioning is more compact and ensures that the shoe is stable and agile.

The midsole is larger than the upper of the shoe, which provides a solid foundation for the foot and, consequently, foot protection.

This lovely shape provides a comfortable transition from heel to toe, even with a little bulk on your heel area. Furthermore, a TPU shank that runs between the midsole and the outsole gives a torsional cushion.

Guards with broad feet will also appreciate that this Harden Vol. 2 fits true. This is due to the elastic band on the midfoot, which allows the shoe to fit the feet in a nice comfortable.

The elastic band will continue to expand once you have broken in the shoes. It is recommended to stick in your normal size basketball shoes.

The mesh creates a compression-like sensation in the areas of the shoes that receive the most force. So the shoes block any unneeded side-to-side movements when you make quick movements. Even when there’s not enough time to get the shoes, they will remain in control of your feet while doing intricate footwork.

The midfoot has polyurethane sides that add cushioning to the heel. In addition, the mesh in the forefoot is compressed Forgefiber and TPU-coated threads to provide increased stability and support. This makes sure that areas are elastic while drastically decreasing the shoe’s weight.

If you’re constantly concerned about your stability, you can count on the stretchable and comfortable Neoprene socks that keep your feet safe. It’s an elastic material that gently wraps around your feet.

In addition to an adjustable lacing system, the lacing system also serves as side panels that support. The result is a perfect ankle and heel lockdown after altering the laces. The outsole is wide and thick. It can also be very effective in protecting your ankles.

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Features To Look For Best Basketball Shoes For Guards (Point Guards/Quick Guards/Shooting Guards/Shifty Guards/Explosive Guards)

Foot Sizes

If you buy basketball shoes, you must ensure that you take measurements that your feet are. Be aware that the shape and dimensions of your feet could alter with time. If you are aware of the size and width of the shoes, you’ll be able to locate a pair of shoes that will fit your feet perfectly. (You can read this article for more details: male average shoe size).

Playing Style

Additionally, it would help if you had a good idea of how you play when choosing basketball shoes. For instance, if you’re a guard, you’ll only be able to get feet on the most appropriate Basketball shoes designed for guards when you study your play style.

Ideally, you should be able to categorize your appearance into three major categories. You could be a powerful player, speedster, or all-arounder. Therefore, you can choose according to your preferences.

The Styles

It is essential to be aware of the different styles of basketball footwear when you’re about to purchase. You can generally see low-tops, high-tops, and mid-tops available in the market. In the above paragraphs, you’ll pick the type of shoe based on the style of play you prefer.

The Shoe Material

If you’re ready to make the basketball shoes purchase, be sure to consider the shoe material and the material of the shoes. The shoe’s material is important greatly, especially when you’re a guard at a basketball game.

The most effective basketball shoes for guards can withstand any damage. For instance, if you choose to go with synthetic shoes made of plastic, they’ll be able to endure any damage.

The Cushion

The most important thing to remember is that your basketball shoes must be comfortable. This is the reason you have to search for cushioning.

You can find two fundamental kinds of cushioning. You can purchase foam cushions, or you can purchase air-based cushioning too.

The Outsole

If you are buying basketball shoes, be sure the shoes’ grip. Additionally, the shoes must let you play on various surfaces without a problem.

It is recommended to examine your shoes’ thickness, outsole made of rubber, and the softness and pattern. These are crucial aspects, particularly when looking for the best sneakers for basketball players.


Similar to cushions, guards need to have sufficient back support. Speedy running, dribbling through traffic, and stopping at a moment’s notice are all necessary when performing the 1- (point guard) or 2- (shooting guard) and the 3- (small forward) positions. But, they can put your ankles and feet at risk of injuries. That’s why you require shoes you can know you can trust.

Guards should look for models with sturdy support for the ankle and down at the ankle’s base. A strong lockdown will go afar. Find a shoe that holds your feet in position and stops your foot from moving around. Strong laces with straps are also a plus.


Another thing guards must be conscious of when selecting shoes is weight. As we’ve mentioned, guarding is a fast-paced position that requires timing, agility, and speed.

Shoes that are bulky or heavy will not help. For quick protection, it is important to choose a light and comfortable shoe to cut.

However, lighter isn’t always the best. While shedding weight is important, you shouldn’t buy something too fragile.

It’s all about finding the right equilibrium between choosing footwear that you trust and that lets you move easily. The middle ground shoes are the most effective.


The sport of basketball requires the body to work harder. While it’s part of the enjoyment, it can also mean lots of sweat. Instead of being soaked every game and causing friction that can cause blisters, you should choose an upper that is an air-flowing, moisture-wicking upper.

It’s part of a more lightweight design and makes you feel comfortable. These models are particularly important for those who are sweating or wear wet socks during games. All guards will benefit from increased airflow.

High-tops vs Mid-tops vs Low-tops

Then it is a matter of how the basketball shoe is cut. The cut of the basketball shoe is an untruth. Mids and high tops are believed to provide greater support for your ankles and help prevent ankle injuries.

It’s not the case. However, Low-tops offer the same support as high-tops since the primary source of support while playing basketball is the ankle itself.

NBA players have played with low-top shoes for a long time. However, Kobe Bryant was the athlete who most famously disproved this notion.

However, there’s something to be said concerning the placebo impact mid-tops and high-tops may provide.

Particularly those who have injured their ankles feel more secure in highs and mids, and confidence is vital for playing. Therefore, in this situation, keep doing what is working for you.

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How to Maintain Basketball Shoes’ Traction?

Here’re some helpful suggestions to ensure that your shoes keep their grip over an extended period:

Before every exercise or sport, you should step onto a traction board. The board is made of an adhesive layer that adheres to the sole of your shoe. As you walk onto it, you pull away dirt and oil, giving you more traction on the court.

Put traction fluid on the soles of the shoes. This makes your shoes more grippy.

Make use of a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt, and debris off the soles of your shoes before each game and during any time-outs.

When a player is finished with the practice or game, they must clean the soles of their shoes after each use.

The most effective method to do this is to use the help of soft towels as well as soapy water.

If the traction of your shoes isn’t as impressive anymore, It’s probably the time to get a new pair. Choose a durable shoe that comes with sturdy rubber soles that are grippy.

Who is a Basketball Guard?

A basketball team can be found in five positions to play in the field. They include the central, power forward, point guard, small forward, and shooting guard. Guards keep their teams going by executing both defensive and offensive play.

Guards should be quick in getting to the net or making enough space to shoot a jump. The player in this type of position should wear basketball shoes that enable players to shoot or dribble quickly.

Therefore, security guards must wear durable yet light-weight shoes that ensure they are agile and fast. Shoes must also offer better traction to allow for faster acceleration.

Point Guard

A point guard’s accountable for setting up the team’s offense and moving the basketball across the court. This job requires excellent passing and dribbling abilities and avoiding turning the ball over the opposing player.

Famous point guards like Steph Curry, Magic Johnson, and Chris Paul, are also well-known players. They need to be quick when controlling, passing balls around the court, and aiding their teammates in scoring and taking the ball away from their opponents.

Point guards must be quick at everything from passing to taking the ball. They require shoes with incredible grip and support to improve their footwork while making abrupt actions.

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Shooting Guard

As the name implies, shooting guards are the most accurate at shooting. With excellent handling abilities and shooting abilities, they can shoot from any area and get into the basket. If they shoot from midrange, outside, or even close to the basket should not miss a single shot or shot.

Shooting guards such as Kobe Bryan, James Harden, and Michael Jordan have mastered making precise stops and quickly moving to shoot. Their basketball shoe aid players in quickly changing direction when they are dribbling or shooting the ball.

Because shooting guards are known to shoot more often and jump shots, they require basketball shoes with excellent cushioning to absorb shock.


Guards don’t have time to be insecure since a single second can distinguish between winning or losing the game.

Read the tips we’ve put together to help you find the most effective sneakers for basketball for your guards. You must ensure that your selection will demonstrate how you run and bolt in your team’s role as the top guard.


What Do The Perfect Guard Shoes Look Like?

It is a great product with an excellent grip that will stay on the floor and let you shift directions quickly.

The cushioning is supple and doesn’t slow down.

It’s a mid(or mid-cut) (or cut mid) shoe that won’t limit your motion.

What’re the Best Shoes for Shooting Guards?

Shoes with a more open look and low-top models that feature sturdy bases and less cushioning are ideal for wearing as guards.

These shoes are ideal for cutting or dribbling as they give you plenty of flexibility and remain out of your way when playing.

Which Socks Will Go Well With Basketball Shoes?

It’s important to note that you must select socks that provide moisture control. Furthermore, the basketball socks must include arch support and anti-fatigue compression.

It is possible to choose Adidas and Nike Hyper Elite socks. Ensure you don’t put any fabric softener in the socks as it destroys the moisture-wicking abilities.

Is KD 13 Good for Guards?

Yes. Thanks to their powerful stability, traction, and clean design. The KD 13’s make a fantastic shoe for those who play on the wing or run the point.

Are Lebron Shoes Good for Guards?

There are a variety of Lebron shoes available, and all are designed to be used by guards. But, it’s better to choose one from the lighter category and less intrusive if you can.

Which is the Best Size For Basketball Shoes?

It is recommended to measure your feet with the Brannock device. This will allow you to find the best basketball shoes.

Should I Buy Basketball Shoes a Half-Size Bigger?

It’s dependent on the type of shoe you purchase. Some models are big, but others run smaller. If you generally choose a smaller or narrow one, you should go half size bigger. Make sure you do the necessary research before purchasing.

What Does It Mean to “Break-In” Shoes?

Uncomfortable shoes can hinder a player’s focus and attention to the sport. But, it is important to note that guards need to take the time “break in” their shoes so that the feet are accustomed to the style.

Shoes that you wear straight from the box are acceptable. However, a week-long break-in allows your feet to become accustomed to the new shoe. It is recommended to take the shoes for short walks before taking them to the courts.

How Often Should You Purchase Basketball Shoes?

It’s a difficult question as the shoes’ lifespan differs according to the brand. If you opt for a brand such as Nike, they are made to last many years and not be subject to wear and tear. If you’re searching for the top Basketball shoes to guard, even Nike is a good option.

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