Average Height of an NBA Player

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The height of an NBA player has been a topic to discuss for those who have an interest in basketball. Basketball has been dominated by tall players for over a long time now because they have the height advantage. Having height above the average level is an advantage for a basketball player. Players having a height of 7 feet are rare, about 2800 people in the world are 7 ft. or above and not everybody aspires to be an NBA player. However, the height of the player does not decide at which position he is gonna play, some positions are favored by height while some are not. That is why when you watch an NBA match you notice the height of the players is different at different positions. The skills of a player are the most that matter in the game rather than height but taller players still have an advantage. Still, people have doubts that Do they have the height an average NBA player should have? Well in this article we are going to tell you about the average height of an NBA player and also discuss the average height of players at different positions.  

Usual Height Of An NBA Player

In the game of basketball, especially on a platform the NBA where you have to play the game above the rim, the factor that matters the most is the height of the NBA player, let’s suppose out of all the players out there any two posses the identical skillset, the taller one will always have an advantage over the smaller one.   The height of a person has changed over time. Players have been working on their diet and nutrition so that they are perfect for any tournament. For the past 30 years, the average height for an NBA player has been revolving around 6ft.7inches, the game has still witnessed the way to many changes how height is distributed and utilized in the game. However, when it comes to the height and weight improvements over the years we have noticed a big difference in average height and weight. The average height does change year by year sometimes it goes up and sometimes it decreases but mostly it has remained steady.

Average Weight & Average Height Of NBA Players

Basketball is one of the most popular sports among people. This is a game where a player could test his body in endurance as well as stamina. The most important thing that you require to play this game is skills. But still, people think that height and weight are also factors other than skills that are required to play this game. People having a height above the average level always have an advantage over the shorter ones.   The average height and weight of the player do not decide the position at which the player would play their skills do, but still taller people still have an advantage at some positions; for example center position is the most important and taller players playing at this position do take the advantage of their height while players playing at the point guard position are the shortest.  There is no escaping the fact that height and weight also matter in basketball other than skills. However, the height of a person is a natural phenomenon that is in no one’s control but weight is one that is under our control. On the off chance that we see the normal tallness of an American is under 6 feet and ballplayers are significantly taller. Around 11 inches taller when compared to the U.S. population. Looking at the average weight of the player it differs depending on the height. According to 2017-18 the average player 6ft.7inc. are 217 pounds(98kg).  The center position requires the rather taller player having an average of around 7 feet. The point guard position demands people having an average of around 6ft.3inc. To play at the shooting guard position it demands and an average height of about 6ft.4inc.-6ft.6inc. Small forward requires an average height between 6ft.5inc. and 6ft.10inc. Power forward requires an average height of 6ft.7inc. and 6ft.11inc.
average height of nba player

Height Of Players According To Their Position

If we take a look at point guards in the history of basketball since 1952 the average height of a point guard has been around 6ft. However, the increment has been noticed in average height over past years. In 1987 the average height peeked around 6ft3inc. If we take a look at 1987 Magic Johnson was the tallest point guard with a height of 6ft.9inc. The player playing at this position is usually recognized by his talent and skills he has not by height but still, the height of the player has always been an advantage. The average height of the player revolves around 6ft-6ft.3inc. Currently, Ben Simmons is the tallest with a height of 6ft.10inc.

Shooting guards have usually taller than point guards. In 1952 the average height of shooting guards was 6ft.1inc. which gradually increased to 6ft.3inc by 2000. Shooting guards have grown taller in the past few years and the average height is usually noticeable. Height usually matters in basketball and especially if you are playing at shooting guard position. 7ft. Embiid and 6ft.10inc.Ben Simmons are some of the tallest shooting guards of all time. The average height of shooting guards ranges between 6ft.3inc. to 6ft.5inc. However, in some specific years point guards were taller and heavier than the shooting guards.

This is one of the positions which has seen a significant change since 1952. At first, the gameplay of the players revolved only around rebound and post-ups but that scenario is nothing as compared to today. Changes in average height have been minimal because it has been seen stable between 6ft.7inc. and 6ft.11inc. At the moment power forwards have been focusing mainly on 3-pointers. There has also been a noticeable change in the weight of the players, it has decreased about 10lbs in the past 4 years and that has resulted in the improvement of the player’s game.

Seen the average height and weight of the NBA players you can notice that the small forwards are the tallest. In 1952 their average height was around 6ft.3inc. which gradually increased over the years to 6ft.8inc. On average, the height of the small forwards falls between 6ft.5inc. and 6ft.10inc. The increment in the average height of the NBA players especially small forwards can be seen clearly.

Centers are the same as power forwards if we compare the increase in the average height of the player. This is the position with the tallest players in the game. In 1994 the tallest center was 7ft. If we look at the weight it gradually increased in 2004 to 255 pounds. Height differences in center players are almost noticeable because they usually fluctuate between 6ft.11inc. to 7ft. So it’s a fair point that weight has been the only noticeable change among these players.


Players playing at different positions have different height. Players playing at the center position are the tallest of all on the other side point guards are the shortest. Apart from all that we have seen a decrease in the average height of the NBA players because of the major changes in the gameplay of the NBA players. If we compare 1952 and 1987 there have been major changes in the game and players have developed themselves according to the changes. Height is an advantage in this game. But having better skills than the opponents gives you leverage over them. And skills are improved by just practicing more and more. So, people thinking of going to the NBA should work on their skills rather than thinking that only height matters. The height of a person is not in anyone’s control it’s natural but people can sure have control over their weight. Still, the average height of an NBA player is around 6ft.7inc. in shoes. Just for people’s knowledge, the shortest NBA player Muggsy Bogues was 5ft.3inc. and tallest Manute Bol is 7ft.6inc. Basketball was first played on 21st December, in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts and the sport has been dominating since then and still has a long way to go.

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